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UW/WFSE Master Contract (Effective 7/1/13 – 6/30/15)
Memoranda of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding
Custodian Compensation Between WFSE 1488 and University of Washington

  1. The WFSE and UW agree that within Harborview Medical Center and UW Medical Center, patient safety and satisfaction and infection control are core to their missions as health care organizations. The training, responsibilities and performance expectations of Environmental Services staff have grown over the years to incorporate new technologies and procedures to reduce infection rates and improve patient satisfaction. To that end, the parties agree that:
    1. Effective July 1, 2013, the employer will revise the job classification Custodian, Custodial Supervisor 1 and 2 to better reflect typical work and duties performed in the medical centers environment.
    2. Effective January 1, 2014, an Infection Control Premium pay of $1.00 per hour will be created. It will only be available to Custodians, Custodians in lead assignments, and Custodian Supervisors working in the medical centers who have successfully met all the required competencies for the position, as outlined in Attachment A. Between the date of this agreement and the effective date, the Employer will evaluate medical center custodians and provide them feedback and/or additional training as determined necessary by the Employer. Any remedial training in English language proficiency remains the responsibility of the employee. Custodians who do not satisfactorily meet the required competencies may be reassigned to non-patient care areas
    3. The Employer will continue to manage all custodians based in its medical centers according to the required competencies and failure to meet them may be subject to corrective action. The parties further agree that management assessments of employee competencies to qualify for the Infection Control Premium Pay are only grievable up to Step 2 of the grievance procedure as provided in Article 24.
  2. To further advance the effective management of all University facilities, the UW and WFSE agree that:
    1. The job classification Custodian – Lead will be converted to an assignment, per the employer's proposal dated 7/27/12. (See Attachment B). The premium associated with such lead assignments will be $1.65 per hour. Affected leads working in the medical centers must meet required competencies as outlined on Attachment A to retain their lead responsibilities.
    2. The job classification Custodian Supervisor 1 will be placed on Pay Table BI at Salary Range 37 in Appendix I Job Classifications. The job classification Custodian Supervisor 2 will be placed on Pay Table BI at Salary Range 41 in Appendix I Job Classifications.

Attachment A:

The following are examples, and not an exhaustive list of the competencies expected of employees to achieve an Infection Control Premium.

  1. Demonstrated ability to properly handle and clean biomedical patient care equipment.
  2. Demonstrate competency to abide by UW Medicine Service Culture Guidelines, including AIDET.
  3. Required to obtain annual flu immunization in accordance with UW Medicine policy.
  4. Demonstrate computer literacy as pertains to:
    1. Annual Competencies- Learning Management System
    2. EPIC System (bed management system)
    3. KRONOS (Timekeeping system)
  5. Ability to consistently pass audits, including:
    1. ATP
    2. Visual
  6. Demonstrated skill in cleaning isolations rooms of various types.
    1. Contact Isolation
    2. Respiratory Isolation
    3. Others
  7. Demonstrated ability to select appropriate chemicals for infection control.
  8. Functional English language communication
    1. Verbal
    2. Reading
    3. Writing
  9. Demonstrated ability to identify and appropriately handle various waste streams.
    1. Chemotherapy Waste
    2. Biohazard Waste
    3. Others

Attachment B:

  1. Custodian Lead Assignment. Custodians assigned lead duties by the Employer will be paid $1.65 per hour for the duration of the assignment. A lead is one who is assigned lead responsibilities as defined by management but does not have supervisory authority. A lead assignment is delegated responsibility for training, assigning, organizing and scheduling work and reviewing completed work assignments.
  2. Lead assignment pay may be for an indefinite period, solely determined by the Employer and it shall not provide the basis for an allocation or reallocation under Article 49.
  3. Existing lead custodian positions may be converted to lead assignments when vacant, at management's option. Management decisions to create, modify, or end any lead assignments under this section after July 1, 2013 are not grievable. Employees holding lead job classifications as of July 1, 2013 will not be affected by this section.

Memorandum of Understanding
KRONOS Implementation

The Union recognizes the right of the University to continue to implement the KRONOS system. The University will provide written notice at least ninety (90) days prior to the planned implementation of actual time reporting in the KRONOS system. Upon request by the Union, the University will bargain the effects of the implementation on bargaining unit employees. Following implementation, the parties may meet to monitor the effectiveness and accuracy of the system.

Memorandum of Understanding
"Me-Too" Agreement Between WFSE Local 1488 and University of Washington

  1. If during negotiation for the 2013 biennium, the Employer agrees to a change that results in more favorable treatment regarding across-the-board salary increases for any SEIU 925 bargaining unit covered under RCW 41.80, then the Employer will apply such treatment to the WFSE salary schedules covered in this agreement.
  2. Between July 2013 and June 2014, the parties will meet at least quarterly, if requested by either party, to address and bargain wage issues based on market rates, recruitment and retention issues, and wage compression issues.