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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 36 - Military Leave

36.1 Employees who are called to active duty in any of the uniformed services or their reserves shall receive 21 work days of paid military leave annually from October 1 through September 30. Such paid military leave shall be in addition to any compensatory time, vacation or sick leave to which the employee might be otherwise entitled, and shall not involve the reduction of any benefits, performance rating, privileges or base pay. During the period of paid military leave, the employee shall receive his or her normal pay.

36.2 Employees required to appear during working hours for a physical examination to determine physical fitness for military service shall receive full pay for the time required to complete the examination.

36.3 Employees who are called to active duty in one of the uniformed services of the United States or the State of Washington shall be granted a military leave of absence without pay for absence from work for up to 5 years in addition to any time covered by the provisions of Section 36.1. During an unpaid military leave of absence, an employee is entitled to receive:

  1. retirement benefits and service credit in accord with the provisions of the applicable retirement system;
  2. paid medical and dental insurance if in pay status at least 8 hours per month. Other health plan coverage at the employee's request and expense for a limited period of time as determined by the Health Care Authority;
  3. other length-of-service credits related to employment that would have been granted had the employee not been absent; provided that the employee returns to University service at the conclusion of the leave in accord with applicable Federal and State laws related to military leave; and
  4. any additional benefit required by then-applicable state or federal law.

36.4 The employee should complete the Military Leave Request Form to request military leave. Unless prohibited by military necessity, the University shall be provided with a copy of an employee's orders at the time the employee requests military leave. Such request shall be made as soon as reasonably practical after the employee learns of the need for such leave.

36.5 Following release from military service, an employee shall have the right to return to his or her employment as provided by then-applicable state and federal law. The employee will provide a copy of employee's discharge papers and any other documentation permitted or required by military-leave laws to their supervisor and to Human Resources.

36.6 Employees will be released for the provisions of the Military Family Leave Act RCW 49.77.

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