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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 35 - Miscellaneous Paid Leaves

For the purposes of this Article, paid leave will be the salary the employee receives in his/her appointed position plus any additional monies (including, but not limited to shift differential and assignment pay) and benefits.

35.1 Civil Duty. Leave with pay will be granted for jury duty, to serve as trial witnesses, or to exercise other subpoenaed civil duties such as testifying at depositions. Employees are not entitled to civil leave for civil legal actions that they initiate or when named as a defendant in a private legal action that is unrelated to their University employment. The employee will notify the Employer as soon as he/she becomes aware of the need for a civil duty leave.

Employees assigned to work evening shift, who are scheduled to work the evening of civil duty shall be considered to be scheduled for the day shift for that day.

Employees assigned to work the night shift who are scheduled to work the day before and the day of civil duty leave will be allowed to have their civil duty leave the day before or the day of civil duty service.

35.2 Bereavement Leave. An employee shall be granted up to three (3) continuous or non-continuous days of bereavement leave, as requested by the employee, for each death of a family member as defined in Article 29 (Sick Leave). Bereavement leave beyond three (3) days may be approved based on individual circumstances, such as relationship of the employee to the deceased family member, employee responsibility for making funeral arrangements, religious reasons and/or distance of travel out of the area. Upon the Employer's approval, the employee may choose to use the following types of leave for beyond the three (3) days: sick, vacation, comp time, or leave without pay.

35.3 Domestic Violence Leave. Employees may use leave as required by the Domestic Violence Leave Act, RCW 49.76.

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