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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 34 - Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations

34.1 Inclement Weather. When the University is in operation but an employee requests time off to deal with unanticipated problems related to natural disasters or severe weather conditions, the employee may charge the absence to accrued compensatory time, personal holiday, annual leave or leave without pay. Employees designated as essential must make all reasonable efforts to report to work as scheduled.

34.2 Suspended Operations. If the University determines it is advisable due to emergency conditions to suspend the operation of all or any portion of the institution, requiring only employees in essential positions to report to work the following will govern: When prior notification of suspended operations has not been given, non-essential employees released until further notice after reporting to work shall receive a minimum of four (4) hours pay for the first day. Non-essential employees who do not work for the balance of the closure during suspended operations have the following options to account for hours not worked:

  1. Using annual leave.
  2. Accrued compensatory time.
  3. Using personal holiday. An employee must use personal holiday time as a full day or shift.
  4. Using leave without pay.
  5. Requesting makeup time for hours lost as a result of the suspended operations.
    1. Employees must request makeup time within three (3) working days after operations resume.
    2. Reasonable work must exist and the supervisor must approve the request to work. The time must be made up within ninety (90) calendar days after operations resume.

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