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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 19 - Training and Professional Development

19.1 The Employer will develop and maintain an employee training and development plan and provide such plan to the Union upon request. Staff training is intended to provide an opportunity for classified staff employees for training sponsored by the University Training and Development and the UW Medical Centers Organizational Development and Training. Education/Professional Leave is intended to facilitate employee access to continuing education opportunities. Training and educational/professional leave may be used for the purpose of improving job performance, maintaining and increasing proficiency, preparing staff for greater responsibility, or increasing promotional opportunities within the framework of staff positions available at the University.

19.2 Any release time for training for employees accepted for such classes shall be in accordance with the Executive Order (currently No. 52) governing this matter. In the event that two or more employees request the same training period and supervision must limit the number of persons who may participate at one time due to work requirements, the selection will be made on a mutually agreeable basis within the department.

19.3 The training program is a proper subject for discussion by either departmental or University-wide Joint Union/Management Committees.

19.4 If the Employer requires an employee to receive training, reimbursement will be provided in accordance with the University travel rules. Employee attendance at Employer required training, either during or outside working hours, will be considered time worked and compensated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

19.5 Employee attendance at training not required by the Employer and not covered by Executive Order 52, either on approved leave from or outside of working hours, will be voluntary and not considered time worked.

19.6 Training - Layoff. Employees on layoff status are eligible to participate on a space available basis in Training and Development sponsored programs if they pay the costs associated with their attendance (e.g. materials).

19.7 Educational/Professional Leave. For Surgical Technologists and Hospital Central Services Technicians who have completed their probationary period, up to three (3) days, pro-rated for part-time, of paid release time shall be granted annually for each employee for educational/professional leave.

19.8 Education Support Funds. For Surgical Technologists and Hospital Central Services Technicians, $200.00 per FTE, pro-rated for part-time, per fiscal year shall be made available to fund continuing education.

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