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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 10 - Employee Rights

10.1 Representation
Upon request, an employee will have the right to representation at an investigatory meeting, requested by management in which he/she reasonably believes could lead to corrective action. The employer will provide reasonable time to allow an employee to secure a representative. The exercise of this right will not unreasonably delay or postpone a meeting. Except as otherwise specified in this Agreement, representation will not apply to discussions with an employee in the normal course of duty, such as giving instructions, assigning work, informal discussions, delivery of paperwork, staff or work unit meetings or other routine communications with an employee.

10.2 Paid Release Time
Employees will be provided a reasonable amount of time during their normal working hours to meet with the union steward and/or staff representative to process a grievance. In addition, employees will be released during their normal working hours to attend meetings or hearings scheduled by management for the following:

  1. Informal grievance resolution meetings, grievance meetings, alternative dispute resolution meetings, mediation sessions and arbitration hearings, in accordance with Article 24, Grievance Procedure, and held during his or her work time;
  2. Management scheduled investigatory interviews and/or pre-disciplinary meetings, in accordance with Article 23, Corrective Action, and;
  3. Negotiations in accordance with Article 56, Mandatory Subjects.

10.3 When an employee is subpoenaed as a witness on behalf of the Union in an arbitration case, with the employer, the employee may appear without loss of pay if he or she appears during his or her work time, providing the testimony given is related to his or her job function or involves matters he or she has witnessed, and is relevant to the arbitration case. Every effort will be made to avoid the presentation of repetitive witnesses.

10.4 Notification
An employee will obtain prior approval from his or her supervisor before attending any meeting or hearing. All requests must include the approximate amount of time the employee expects the activity to take. Employees will suffer no loss in pay for attending management scheduled meetings and hearings that are scheduled during the employee's work time. Attendance at meetings or hearings during the employee's non-work hours will not be considered as time worked. An employee cannot use a state vehicle to travel to and from a worksite in order to attend a meeting or hearing unless authorized by the Employer.

10.5 Indemnification.
The University will indemnify employees for activities arising out of their employment in accordance with University policy.

10.6 Off the Job Activities.
The private and personal "off the job" lifestyle an activities of any employee shall not be legitimate grounds for corrective action initiated by Management except where such life style or activities, constitute a conflict of interest as set forth in RCW 42.18 or are detrimental to the employee's work performance.

10.7 Off Duty Employment.
Employees may engage in off duty employment that is consistent with University policy and state law.

10.8 Time Off for Union Activities

  1. Union-designated employees may be allowed time off without pay to attend union-sponsored meetings, training sessions, conferences, and conventions, including travel time for such meetings. The employees' time off will not interfere with the operating needs of the Employer as determined by management. If the absence is approved, the employees may use personal holiday, annual leave, or compensatory leave instead of leave without pay.
  2. The Union will give the Employer a written list of the names of the employees it is requesting attend the above-listed activities, at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the activity.

10.9 Temporary Employment with the Union
With thirty (30) calendar days notice, unless agreed otherwise, employees may be granted leave without pay to accept temporary employment with the Union of a specified duration, not to exceed six (6) months, provided the employee's time off will not interfere with the operating needs of the Employer as determined by management. The parties may agree to an extension of leave without pay up to an additional six (6) months. The returning employee will be employed in a position in the same job classification, in the same layoff unit, and in the same geographical area, as determined by the Employer.

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