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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 9 - Union Activities

9.1 Staff Representatives

  1. Within thirty (30) calendar days from the effective date of this Agreement, the Union shall provide the Office of Labor Relations a list of staff representatives. The Union shall provide written notice to the Employer of any changes within thirty (30) calendar days of the change.
  2. Staff representatives may access University premises to carry out representational activities. The representative shall notify local management prior to their arrival and shall not interrupt the normal operations of the institution. The staff representative may meet with bargaining unit employees in non-work areas during non-work times.
  3. Upon written request of the staff representative to the Office of Labor Relations, the Employer will provide relevant information necessary for conducting representational duties. The information will be provided within a reasonable timeframe and without requiring the Union to file with the Public Records Office.

9.2 Union Stewards

  1. The Employer recognizes the right of the Union to designate union stewards who shall be permitted without unnecessary delay to devote reasonable periods of time (for example, time to travel to the meeting site, 10-15 minutes to confer with the employee prior to the meeting) during normal working hours to present any grievance to the supervisor or designated representative for which adjustment has been requested by an employee or group of employees.
  2. Time off for processing grievances shall be granted to a Union steward by supervision following a request but in consideration of any job responsibilities. If permission for time off cannot be immediately granted, the supervisor will arrange for time off at the earliest possible time thereafter.
  3. The Union shall prevail upon all employees in the bargaining unit and especially Union stewards, to make a diligent and serious attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. The Employer, likewise, shall prevail upon its supervisory personnel to cooperate fully with the Union stewards and other Union representatives in the speedy resolution of any grievance that may arise.
  4. Union stewards shall primarily conduct representational duties only within their designated area of jurisdiction. Stewards may represent members in another jurisdiction if the steward designated for that other jurisdiction is unavailable (e.g. away on approved leave). In the event that a steward is unavailable, the steward of the next geographically closest designated jurisdiction will be contacted to represent the employee. The number of stewards in a particular area and the jurisdiction they serve shall be an appropriate subject of discussion between the Union and the Employer.
  5. The Union agrees to submit an up-to-date list to the Office of Labor Relations once per month indicating the name of all Union stewards, their work locations, and jurisdiction. In any event, said list shall be submitted at least annually with changes noted as they occur. Union stewards shall be recognized when the Office of Labor Relations is informed of their appointment.
  6. Whereas it benefits the University to have Union stewards who understand the contract and are trained in administration of the contract, each of the Union's stewards shall be allowed a total of eight (8) working hours annually without loss of pay to participate in the Union's steward training program. Said time off shall be approved in advance by the employee's supervisor and shall be contingent upon the ability to provide coverage during the time off.

    The Union shall submit to the Office of Labor Relations at least fifteen (15) days in advance the names of the employees (with their respective supervisors) that are scheduled to participate in the training. The Union will confirm the employee's participation in the training upon completion.

9.3 Training and Orientation

  1. Upon signing of this Agreement, the Employer and Union will make a good faith effort to conduct joint training on contract administration.
  2. A Union representative shall be allowed up to fifteen (15) minutes with employees during the new employee orientation called by the University at which time the Union representative may address the new bargaining unit employees on matters concerning the rights and obligations of employees and the role of the Union as exclusive bargaining representative. If the University conducts orientation on-line, the Union will be permitted to display a reasonable amount of information as part of the program.

9.4 Union Business Activities

  1. Employees who intend to absent themselves from work for the purpose of attending and participating in Union business functions or programs, such as meetings, conventions, seminars, or other authorized meetings at the Union's request, may do so with supervisory approval. The Employee may use paid or unpaid leave consistent with University policy.
  2. The employee shall request leave from the Employee's immediate supervisor at least two (2) weeks prior to the planned absence.

9.5 Use of State Facilities, Resources, and Equipment

  1. Meeting Space and Facilities. The Employer's campuses and facilities may be used by the Union to hold meetings subject to the University's policy and availability of the space. The Employer may provide private space for stewards and/or Union representatives to meet in confidence with those they represent on a space available basis.
  2. Supplies and Equipment. Union representatives may use University equipment for contract administration if there is no cost to the Employer, is brief in duration, limited in distribution, and does not disrupt or distract from University business in accordance with University policy and state law.
  3. Bulletin Boards and Distribution of Union Material. Upon request, space will be made available to the Union on bulletin boards in those areas where bargaining unit employees work or frequent, for the posting of notices and information pertaining to official business of the Union. Materials posted on Union bulletin boards without the signature of a recognized Union officer or representative may be removed.

    Employees shall have the right to distribute official Union information materials during hours off work. Such distribution of official material shall not interfere with the work assignments of employees who are on duty. Further, such distribution activities must be held in locations which cause no interference with the various departments normal operations or with any employees who may not be involved or interested.

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