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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 7 - Union Dues Deduction and Union Security

7.1 The Employer shall provide for payroll deduction of uniform union dues and fees for employees upon written authorization by the individual employee. Recognized union payroll deduction authorization cards which are submitted to the Employer's Payroll Office by the 15th day of the month shall become effective as of the first day of the next payroll period.

7.2 In order to cancel payroll deduction of union dues or fees, it is the sole responsibility of the employee to file a written notice with the Employer's Payroll Office and also to file written notice with the Union (Washington Federation of State Employees, 1212 Jefferson Street, Suite 300, Olympia, Washington 98501) thirty (30) calendar days prior to the effective day of the month following the 30-day period above.

7.3 Twice each month the Employer will transmit the total deducted amount of dues and fee money to the Union's office which will include a listing of employees on payroll deduction including employee ID number, name, pay period, dues/fee amount. When the Employer can provide this information electronically, it will do so in lieu of a hard copy.

7.4 Monthly, the Employer will electronically transmit to the Union the following information on bargaining unit employees: employee ID number, name, mailing address, bargaining unit code, home department, mailstop, appointment status, employment status, employment status date, classification code and title, total monthly wages earned from which union dues/fees are calculated, appointment start date, salary step, and FTE.

Temporary Employees. Monthly, the Employer will electronically transmit to the Union the following information on temporary bargaining unit employees (those who have reached 350 hours of bargaining unit work): employee ID number, name, mailing address, bargaining unit code, home department, mailstop, classification code and title, hourly rate of pay, and appointment start date. In a separate report, employee ID numbers, name, and mailstop of bargaining unit employees who have reached 350 hours in a bargaining unit position will be sent to the Union for every pay period.

7.5 The Employer will notify each employee hired into a bargaining unit position of the union shop requirement through job posting, new employee orientation, or appointment letter within thirty (30) days of hire. All employees covered by this Agreement will, as a condition of employment, either become members of the Union and pay membership dues or pay the applicable fee pursuant to RCW 41.80. The Employer will have available for distribution a recognized union payroll deduction authorization card for dues/fees. Failure by an employee to abide by the aforementioned provision of this article shall constitute cause for discharge of such employee; however, the Employer has no duty to act until the Union makes an appropriate written request for discharge to the Labor Relations Office and verifies (by forwarding a copy of the written notification to the Employer) that the employee received written notification from the Union of the delinquency, including the amount owing, method of calculation, if appropriate, and that non-payment will result in discharge by the University.

7.6 Voluntary PEOPLE Deduction. During the term of this Agreement, the Employer shall deduct the sum specified from the pay of each member of the Union who voluntarily executes a political action contribution wage assignment authorization for PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative). When filed with the Employer, the authorization form will be honored in accordance with its terms. The amount deducted and an electronic roster of all employees using payroll deduction for voluntary political action contributions will be promptly transmitted to the Union by a separate check payable to its order. Upon issuance and transmission of a check to the Union, the Employer's responsibility shall cease with respect to such deductions. The Union and each employee authorizing the assignment of wages for the payment of voluntary political action contributions hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold the Employer harmless from all claims, demands, suits or other forms of liability that may arise against the Employer for or on account of any deduction made from the wages of such employee.

7.7 The parties agree that the Employer may charge the WFSE one quarter of one percent (.25%) of all amounts annually donated to cover the administration of this check off.

7.8 The Employer shall be held harmless by the Union and employees for compliance with section 7.5 above.

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