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UW/UAW Contract (Effective 5/4/12 - 4/30/15)
Letters of Understanding

Letter of Understanding A:


The parties recognize that the federal government is currently examining the regulations concerning FICA exemptions for certain academic student employees. In the event any of the benefits contained within this Agreement have the effect of losing the exemption for ASEs, the parties will meet to discuss alternatives.

Letter of Understanding B:


The University will investigate whether there are any grants that would prohibit an ASE from being paid as an ASE while performing steward duties. In the event a determination is made that such a prohibition exists, both parties will bargain in good faith to find an alternative that allows the same level of steward representation. In the event an agreement can not be reached, the matter shall be resolved by an arbitrator.

Letter of Understanding C:


The University and the UAW hereby agree that all job titles in the bargaining unit shall be covered by worker’s compensation insurance with the exception of employees in stipend-only job classifications.

Letter of Understanding D:


The parties agree to review existing graduate-level job titles/classifications for the purpose of clarifying eligibility and ensuring automatic progression through the classification steps and improving the efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy of the classification system. This review shall begin no later than thirty (30) days after the effective date of the Agreement.

Letter of Understanding F:


Letter of Understanding H:


If an ASE is assigned to hold an instructional position in which s/he believes that a change from a previous quarter may negatively affect her/his ability to satisfactorily complete the work assignment so as to maintain excellence within workload limits (according to Article 33), the ASE shall have the right to request and meet with her/his supervisor as soon as practicable regarding the issue. Such changes include but are not limited to enrollment increases, volume of assignments, and grading responsibilities. If, after these discussions, the ASE determines that her/his assignment will still exceed workload limits (as defined by Article 33), the ASE may pursue her/his rights under Article 33.

An overview of the new UW-UAW contract provisions can be found on the UW Graduate School website.