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UW - UAW Local 4121 Contract

Effective 05/01/2015 - 4/30/2018

Article 28 - Union Rights

Section 1. The University will furnish to the Union a monthly new hire report listing new hires and transfers in the bargaining unit. The report will contain each ASE's name, unique ID number, home department, start date, FTE percent time, job classification, and mail stop. Upon request, within two weeks, the University will provide a quarterly report listing the ASE's name, unique ID number, home department, job code, job classification, status/action, mail stop, home address, and hire date. The University shall provide these lists in an electronic file when practicable. These lists shall be provided at no cost to the Union.

Section 2. The Union will have the same access to the University mail system as all other unions representing University employees.

Section 3. Following ratification and approval by the parties, the University shall publish the Agreement on a designated website.

Section 4. In accordance with University/Department policy on access, representatives of the UAW shall be permitted access to employees' work spaces for the performance of official union business, provided the University policy shall be non-discriminatory and shall be enforced in a non-discriminatory manner. Union representatives will not engage in any disruption of University operations, interfere with the assignment and direction of employees, or in any way impede the discharge of any employee's duties and responsibilities.

Section 5. The Union shall be provided 30 minutes for Union orientation at any University, Hiring Unit, or Department wide orientation for new ASEs, to distribute materials, including Union membership application and dues deduction authorization. Such meetings shall not count toward the 220 hours expectation. The University and the Union shall meet semi-annually to discuss the efficacy of this provision.

Section 6. The University agrees to furnish conference and/or meeting rooms for Union meetings upon prior request by the Union in accordance with University policy and cost.

Section 7. The Union may designate a number of stewards appropriate to the size of the unit who shall be members of the bargaining unit. A steward who is processing a grievance in accordance with the grievance procedure of this Agreement shall be permitted reasonable paid release time to meet with University representatives and process the grievance. Time off for processing a grievance shall be granted to a steward by a supervisor following a request, but in consideration of job responsibilities. If permission for time off can not be granted, the University shall arrange for time for release time off at the earliest possible time thereafter. The University will work in good faith to find ways to allow ASEs designated as stewards the time necessary to perform their responsibilities, which may include a reduced work assignment for the ASE. The Union will work in good faith with the University in the designation of stewards so as to avoid appointing a steward in situations that would create a hardship to the University.

Section 8. The Union will submit to the Office of Labor Relations the name of each steward and the assigned jurisdiction of the steward. In the event of a re-designation of stewards, notice shall be provided to the University at least two days prior to the date such steward is recognized. Stewards will only process grievances within their steward jurisdiction, unless otherwise mutually agreed.

Section 9. The University shall provide paid release time for up to five (5) ASEs designated by the Union for the purpose of bargaining a replacement agreement.

Section 10. The University will provide a bulletin board space for the Union in those Departments where ASEs work.

Section 11. The University shall furnish an electronic copy to the Union of the Annual Graduate Student Financial Support Summary Report (ethnic breakdown).

Section 12. New ASE Rights.

  1. The University shall provide each new ASE, at the same time as providing forms required for new employment (e.g. W4 and I9), introductory materials from the Union, including a Union Membership Election Form and Voluntary Community Action Program (VCAP) form.
  2. In exceptional situations where the ASE has completed other required employment forms before they are hired into the bargaining unit, the University shall provide introductory materials from the Union, including a Union Membership Election Form and Voluntary Community Action Program (VCAP) form, at the time s/he is hired into the bargaining unit.
  3. The University will make every reasonable effort to have completed Membership Election Forms and VCAP forms returned to the Union within ten (10) calendar days of receipt and to notify the Union within ten (10) calendar days of all new ASEs hired to include name, home department/hiring unit, job code, home address, mail stop, Employee Identification Number, and appointment start date. The University shall meet with the Union to develop the method of notification.

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