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UW - UAW Local 4121 Contract

Effective 05/01/2015 - 4/30/2018

Article 13 - Job Posting

Section 1. The University shall create and maintain a central website and shall post information on it regarding open hire ASE positions. Open hire positions are those positions not used to fulfill a commitment of support made to a student, either (a) at the time of admission or (b) under an existing advising relationship with a faculty member(s). The University shall notify the Union of the address of the website within 30 days of ratification of this Agreement.

Section 2. Open hire positions may be announced to all eligible applicants within a Department or Hiring Unit without being posted to the University's central website. The application deadline for Departmental or Hiring Unit postings shall be one week, except in emergency situations. If the position is not filled after two weeks, it shall be posted to the University's central website.

Section 3. Application deadlines for positions posted to the central website shall be two weeks after jobs are posted, except in emergency situations. Notification shall take place for appointments not more than two weeks after applications are due.

Section 4. All postings or re-postings shall contain the following information:

  1. An employment non-discrimination statement.
  2. Classification and job descriptions.
  3. Procedures regarding the application and re-application process including the name and location of the office where inquiries and applications may be made.
  4. Hiring criteria.
  5. Job requirements and qualifications.
  6. Deadlines for application, acceptance and notification.

Section 5. The determination of job requirements and qualifications shall be made by the University. Once the University has determined the hiring criteria, they shall not be modified to be more restrictive within the same hiring period.

Section 6. Re-posted positions shall remain posted at a central campus website for no less than one week. The application deadline shall be no less than one week from the time of re-posting.

Section 7. For the purpose of this Article an emergency situation is one in which the beginning of the appointment period must begin less than a week after the position is posted.

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