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Q: If I am already giving ASEs in my department a salary increase greater than what the contract requires, do I need to give them the contractual increase in addition?

A: No. The contractual increase is intended as a minimum increase. Departments can give a greater increase at their discretion.

Q: If there's no service expectancy required of a student receiving financial support, and the student is excluded from the bargaining unit, are we required to increase stipends?

A: No. Any stipend increase would be at the discretion of the department.

Q: The contract states that ASEs are eligible to receive automatic pay increases in accordance with the job title/classification table. The table defines RA, Pre doctoral RA I and Pre doctoral RA II as three successive appointment levels, each requiring a 7.5% pay increase as the ASE advances. Some of our Pre master RAs were started at the Pre doctoral II level of pay with the expectation that they would remain there. Does the contract require that we increase their pay rate by 7.5% (if they're by now Postmaster) or 15% (if now Candidate) in order to meet the successive pay increase requirements?

A: No. ASEs can be started at a higher rate than they qualify for at the department's discretion. There is no requirement that they be paid above the Pre doctoral II rate as they achieve a higher degree status. They came in at the top rate and stay there unless there is a general increase.

Q: What funding for wage increases will be provided centrally, and what will need to come from the department?

A: The contractually agreed to July 1 increases for state-funded positions will be centrally funded from the state budget. Grants and contracts must pay their own increases.

Q:  Where can I find pay ranges for ASE classifications?

A:  Graduate student salary schedules are located at

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An overview of the new UW-UAW contract provisions can be found on the UW Graduate School website.