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Q: What ASE training will count towards the 220 hour workload?

A: All training relating to the work the ASE will perform (safety instruction, general course orientation, etc.) count towards the ASE workload, except for courses in general pedagogy or remedial courses required to meet minimum eligibility requirements, (such as ESL 102) that ASEs are required to be enrolled for credit. For example, if a department uses the annual TA conference as a portion of its training for TAs, the department can make this part of a pedagogy course and not count it towards the 220 hour workload requirement. Workload- Article 32, Section 4

Q: When can you provide more details on the annual RA conference that is being developed?

A: An annual RA conference is being planned for this fall. Planning will start in mid-June, with more details becoming available in mid-summer.

Q: If time spent training impinges too much on the 220 hour workload requirement, can we make the training optional?

A: Yes, but training should be sufficient to promote good job performance, including safety. This needs to be taken into account in determining the post-training workload.

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