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Q: Are RAs on a variable rate required to have a step increase when they become PhD candidates?

A: No. If the RAs are already on a variable rate that puts their pay above the minimum step increase, then a pay increase is not mandatory. Departments have the option to pay above minimum, but are not required to give an increase at the time of candidacy in addition to the current stipend. The contract establishes minimums for pay, not maximums.

Q: Is a step increase mandatory when an ASE meets the qualification requirements for the next higher level classification?

A: Yes. Step increases must be given to ASEs when they meet the qualification requirements for the next higher classification. Job Titles and Classifications- Article 14, Section 2

Q: Will promotions be made retroactively?

A: After contract ratification, ASEs must be placed in the job titles for which they qualify. This will result in some step increases, but the step increases will not be retroactive to any time before contract ratification.

Q: We occasionally have students funded on fellowships who then become TAs when they attain candidacy. Do we need to pay them at a higher level based on their degree standing even though they lack teaching experience?

A: Yes. ASEs must be appointed to the highest title and pay classification for which they are eligible based on job duties, degree standing and experience, as described in the contract. Job Titles and Classifications- Article 14, Sections 1 and 2

Q: Our department has not promoted ASEs in the past due to budget limitations. Must we do so now, and if so, where will the money come from?

A: All departments will now be required to give step increases to eligible ASEs. The Graduate School is currently costing out the increases for budgetary purposes, and the new increases will be effective starting July 1. The step increases for those ASEs who should have already had them will be centrally funded, unless the ASE is paid from a grant or contract. Step increases in the future will not be centrally funded.

Q: At what point after candidacy is attained does an ASE receive a raise?

A: The step increase generally becomes effective at the beginning of the next quarter, however the department may award the increase earlier if it wishes. 

Q: How does the UAW contract affect Student Helpers and and students in other job titles who do tutor-type work and what does the department need to do?

A: The department should identify those student employees who are doing tutor work, move them into the tutor job title effective July 1, pay them in the tutor salary range.

Q: What is the standard used for determining whether an ASE is classified as a Pre doctoral Instructor?

A: An ASE should be appointed to the Pre doctoral Instructor classification when the ASE has had a previous appointment as an Assistant Professor or equivalent at the UW or elsewhere.

Q: What is the standard used for determining whether an ASE is classified as a Pre doctoral Lecturer?

A: An ASE should be appointed to the Pre doctoral Lecturer classification when the ASE has achieved candidacy and is teaching his or her own class (i.e. where the ASE has control over course content and presentation).

Q: Will an hourly RA classification be created?

A:  This is currently under discussion with the Graduate school.

Q: Do student office workers, like Student Assistants fall under the contract?

A:  No.  Student Assistants aren't covered under the contract- only the job titles and classifications listed in the contract are included in the bargaining unit.  However administrators should review their student employees job duties and make sure that they're classified appropriately.

For example, some units have used the Student Assistant title for students doing Readers, Graders or Tutors work. Students workers should be assigned to the job classification that accurately reflect their work so that they can be properly included or excluded from the bargaining unit.

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An overview of the new UW-UAW contract provisions can be found on the UW Graduate School website.