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Summer Quarter

Q: Our department pays TAs for the equivalent of three months in the summer. The contract requires that summer TAs receive an additional 20% of salary since most departments pay TAs for only the two months actually worked. Are we required to pay an additional 20% in addition to three months' salary?

A: The additional 20% is an institutional method for dealing with summer quarter workload that should replace other methods departments have used. 

Q: How do we implement the provisions of the contract for this Summer Quarter?

A: The contract was effective upon approval of the Board of Regents the week of June 7th. Appointment offers for summer quarter were extended before June 7th, and will not need to be revised or reissued. Wage increases are effective July 1st, and the current Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP) will remain in effect until October 1, when the new plan year begins.

Current Contract

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Additional Resources

An overview of the new UW-UAW contract provisions can be found on the UW Graduate School website.