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Job Posting

Q: What is the difference between an open hire and non-open hire?

A: An open hire is used to fill a position that is not being offered to fulfill a commitment of financial support to a student, either at the time of admission, or through an existing advising relationship with a faculty member. Job Posting- Article 14, Section 1

Q: Am I required to post open hire positions to the UW's web site for ASE positions ?

A: Not at first. Open hire positions may be announced to all eligible applicants within a department or related departments. The application deadline must be at least one week after the announcement, except in emergency situations (defined as when the beginning of the appointment period must begin less than a week after the position is posted). If a position remains unfilled after two weeks, then it must be posted to the University's web site. Job Posting- Article 13, Sections 2 and 7.

See the Managers Hiring Process guide for UWHIRES posting requirements.

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An overview of the new UW-UAW contract provisions can be found on the UW Graduate School website.