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Benefits, Insurance, Leave, Vacation

Benefits and Insurance

Q: When do medical benefit changes begin?

A: The Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP) will remain in effect until October 1, when the new plan year begins. Insurance Programs- Article 12, Section 1

Leaves of Absence, Holidays and Vacation

Q: Does leave accrue and roll over from year to year?

A: No. All forms of leave and vacation must be used within the period of entitlement or be lost.

Q: Can ASEs take vacation at any time?

A: Vacation should be taken during quarter breaks or at other mutually-agreed-upon times. Vacation - Article 31, Section 2

Q: Am I required to track an ASE's leave time or hours worked?

A: No. Departments are not required to track an ASE's leave hours or time worked. We have provided a leave record tool for those departments that wish to track leave use. See the forms web page for the leave form.

Current Contract

Previous Contracts

Additional Resources

An overview of the new UW-UAW contract provisions can be found on the UW Graduate School website.