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Teamsters 117 Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Side Letters

Fitness Incentive Program

Within the first six (6) months of this Agreement, the Employer and the Union will form an Ad Hoc Joint Labor/Management Committee to discuss a Pilot Fitness Incentive Program.

Health Care Benefits

  1. The agreement reached at the State bargaining table concerning health care benefits shall be applicable to bargaining unit employees.
  2. The parties have not completed negotiations over a health care benefits master Collective Bargaining Agreement for the 2013-2015 biennium. Therefore, pursuant to RCW 41.80.010(7), the terms and conditions of the expired 2011-2013 health care benefits master Collective Bargaining Agreement (see C, D, and E below) will remain in effect until the effective date of a subsequently negotiated agreement, not to exceed one year from July 1, 2013.
  3. The Employer will contribute an amount equal to eighty-five percent (85%) of the total weighted average of the projected health care premium for each bargaining unit employee eligible for insurance each month, as determined by the Public Employees Benefits Board annually for benefits in calendar year 2012 and calendar year 2013, respectively. The projected health care premium is the weighted average across all plans, across all tiers. The Uniform Medical Plan (deductible, out-of pocket maximums and co-insurance) in effect for calendar year 2011 will be maintained for the 2011-2013 biennium.
  4. The Employer will pay the entire premium costs for each bargaining unit employee for basic life, basic long-term disability, and dental insurance coverage.
  5. Wellness.
    To support the statewide goal for a healthy and productive workforce, employees are encouraged to participate in a Health Risk Assessment survey. Employees will be granted work time and may use a state computer to complete the survey.
  6. The health care grievance procedure adopted at the State negotiations table shall be deemed adopted under this Agreement.
  7. VEBA Medical Reimbursement Plan.
    The Employer will offer a VEBA Medical Reimbursement Plan for all members of the bargaining unit. The bargaining unit will vote to authorize the Employer to contribute an agreed upon amount to the VEBA Medical Reimbursement Plan. Such contributions will be based on a percentage of gross income and may range from no contribution to a maximum of one percent (1%). Should the bargaining unit vote to amend their compensation in favor of a VEBA Medical Reimbursement Plan contribution, all members of the bargaining unit must contribute equally and the percentage contribution amount may only be changed by vote and on an annual basis. Individuals may not change contribution rates at any time. In addition to any contributions made pursuant to a vote by the bargaining unit to amend their compensation as provided for in this section, the Employer, on behalf of each bargaining unit member, will contribute one and two-tenths percent (1.2%) of regular pay to the VEBA Medical Reimbursement Plan.