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UW - Teamsters Local Union No. 117 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 14 - Seniority And Layoff

14.1 Seniority.
Seniority for purposes of layoff shall be defined as the number of calendar days an employee has been continuously employed in the classified service. Classified service of less than full time shall be considered full-time service. Authorized leave of absence without pay shall not constitute a break in service; however, the time spent on such leave shall not be included in computing seniority, except for employees in cyclic year positions. Permanent employees who are veterans or their unmarried widows/widowers shall have added to their unbroken service the veteran's active military service to a maximum of five (5) years' credit. Bargaining unit (UWPOA and Teamsters Local 117) seniority shall be used for internal department use (e.g., selection of days off, shift selection, and vacation scheduling) where applicable.

14.2 Seniority List.
In the event of an impending layoff, the Employer will inform the Union of the least senior employees to be affected. The Employer will provide the Union a list of bargaining unit employees with their Departmental seniority.

14.3 Layoff.
Layoff Definition:
Layoff shall be defined as a reduction in the number of positions covered by this Agreement that is intended to be permanent or prolonged. Layoff will be in reverse order of seniority, i.e., last hired is first to be laid off.

In the event an employee covered by this Agreement accepts a permanent position at the UWPD that is not covered by this Agreement and subsequently returns to the bargaining unit, bargaining unit seniority shall be restored (bridged) and seniority accrual shall resume. Employees who qualify to bridge seniority may exercise their former seniority to obtain a bargaining unit position, if laid off from a current UWPD position.

Layoff Notification:
The Employer will notify the employee of the position to be eliminated and the Union at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance of the date of the projected layoff. During the notice period the Employer will do the following, in order, as specified below:

  1. Officers laid off will be put on the rehire list for twenty-four (24) months.
  2. Officers on the rehire list will be offered re-employment, in reverse order of seniority, before outside applicants are offered the position.
  3. Officers offered re-employment from the rehire list shall be given up to one (1) week to determine if he/she wants the position; and if accepted, such Officers shall be given up to one (1) additional week to report to work.

For purposes of layoff, if a current employee is called to service in the military the service will count toward seniority.

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