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UW - Teamsters Local Union No. 117 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 10 - Vacations

10.1 Vacation Leave - Accrual.
Full-time employees eligible for vacation leave shall accrue vacation leave, to be credited monthly, at the following rates:

During Paid Vacation Days Hours
1st year1296
2nd year13104
3rd year14112
4th year15120
5th year16128
6th year17136
7th year18144
8th year19152
9th year20160
10th year21168
11th year22176
12th or more years23184

10.2 Employees may accumulate maximum vacation balances not to exceed two hundred forty (240) hours. Exceptions shall be made in conjunction with University policy.

10.3 Employees working less than full-time schedules shall accrue vacation leave credit on the same prorated basis that their appointment bears to a full-time appointment.

10.4 The scheduled period of cyclic year position leave of absence without pay shall not be deducted for purposes of computing the rate of vacation leave accrual for cyclic year position employees.

10.5 Vacation leave credits shall not accrue during a leave of absence without pay which exceeds ten (10) working days in any calendar month, nor shall credit be given toward the rate of vacation leave accrual except during military leave without pay.

10.6 Scheduling.
Seniority for purposes of establishing the annual vacation schedule only shall be defined as length of service from most recent date of hire in State service.

  1. Vacation Bidding:
    1. Vacation bidding will occur annually. The bidding process will begin immediately following shift selections as defined in Section 15.9.
    2. Bidding will occur in seniority order.
    3. Employees may select a maximum of two (2) consecutive scheduled work weeks during the bidding process.
  2. Supplemental Leave Requests:
    1. Once the vacation bidding process is complete employees may submit additional leave requests.
    2. Requests shall be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.
    3. In the event multiple requests are submitted for the same dates at the same time the requests will be awarded based on seniority.

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