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UW - Teamsters Local Union No. 117 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 6 - Union Business/Representatives

6.1 The Employer recognizes the right of the Union to designate Business Representatives and Shop Stewards who shall be permitted to represent bargaining unit employees. The Union will inform the Office of Labor Relations of the names of Union representatives and Shop Stewards.

6.2 Paid release time for the designated Shop Stewards will be provided for representing employees at grievance meetings (including informal attempts at resolution) attended by both parties, for participating in Joint Labor/Management Committee meetings, for pre-disciplinary/pre-determination meetings, and for collective bargaining meetings. When designated Shop Stewards are granted paid release time they shall experience no loss in pay, however such time shall not be construed as work time and overtime will not be paid when meetings extend beyond the employee's regular work hours. Paid release time shall be granted by supervision following a request but in consideration of any job responsibilities. If permission for time off cannot be immediately granted, the supervisor will arrange for time off at the earliest reasonable time thereafter

6.3 The Union shall prevail upon all employees in the bargaining unit, and especially Shop Stewards, to make a diligent and serious attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. The Employer, likewise, shall prevail upon its supervisory personnel to cooperate fully with the Union's representatives in the speedy resolution of any grievances that may arise.

6.4 Bulletin Boards.
The Employer shall designate a bulletin board for use by the Union for the posting of notices relating to official Union business and provide space for that purpose. At the Union's option, the Employer provided bulletin board(s) may be replaced by the Employer with a locked, covered bulletin board furnished by the Union. The Union will supply the Employer with a key to the bulletin board. Any costs associated with replacement, upkeep, or installation will be paid for by the Union. Location of bulletin board to be determined by the Employer.

6.5 Union Access.
Union business such as investigating grievances and other legitimate routine matters may be conducted on Police Department premises, provided that such business does not interfere with Police Department operations. The Employer shall provide reasonable access to Department premises to authorized Union representatives for the purpose of handling grievances and other legitimate Union business, provided that such access does not interfere with the work and duties of Union employee representatives or of other on-duty employees. Scheduled Union meetings may be held in Police Department facilities, provided that such meetings do not interfere with Police Department operations and are approved in advance by the Police Chief.

6.6 A Union representative with three (3) day's written notice to the Police Chief or designee may present information prior to start of a shift , up to a maximum of once per month for each shift and may be cancelled by the Employer due to operational necessity The presentation will not exceed ten (10) minutes in length. The Shift Supervisor reserves the right to terminate the presentation in order to complete roll call in a timely fashion.

6.7 All requests for information regarding the bargaining unit by the Union will be submitted in writing to the Office of Labor Relations. Requests will clearly identify what information is being sought and include the reason for the request. Requests will not normally extend more than twenty-four (24) months prior to the date of the request. When the Union submits a request for information that the Employer believes is unclear or unreasonable, or which requires the creation or compilation of a report, the Employer will contact the Union and the parties will discuss the scope and costs associated with the request and the amount the Union will pay for receipt of the information.

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