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UW - Teamsters Local Union No. 117 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 4 - Joint Labor/Management Committee

4.1 The Joint Labor/Management Committee shall normally be composed of three (3) members designated by the Union and one (1) Union staff representative. The Employer shall be represented by a like number on the Committee. The Union staff representative shall be the sole decision maker to determine whether his/her attendance is necessary at the Joint Labor/Management Committee.

4.2 The purpose of the Committee is to provide a forum for communication between the parties to this Agreement to deal with personnel matters of general Labor/Management concern. The agenda shall be limited to items which are of a group rather than an individual interest or concern and shall not include individual grievances properly processed under the Grievance Procedure Article.

4.3 Meetings of the Committee will be held as needed. Issues of an emergent nature shall be given agenda priority. Meetings of the Labor/Management Committee shall normally be held during University business hours and at a mutually agreeable time and date. Participants shall experience no loss in salary for participating in the meetings; however, such time is not construed as work time, and no overtime shall be claimed or paid for meetings attended outside of an employee's regular work hours.

4.4 The Labor/Management Committee shall have no bargaining authority; however, any agreements reached through this process shall be reduced to writing and supported by the Union representatives and management.

4.5 Copies of agreed upon minutes shall be furnished to each member of the Committee.

4.6 Disposition of matters covered in a Labor/Management Committee shall not contradict, add to, or otherwise modify the terms and conditions of the Agreement unless otherwise mutually agreed to in writing by the Employer and the Union.

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