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GCIU Local 767-M Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Appendix B - Job Categories

LITHOGRAPHER - Must be competent to do one or more of the following:

Camera Operator
Operate camera for line and halftone negatives. Develop film and make positive and negative prints. Use chemicals required and mix chemicals when needed.

Plan assembly of jobs; perform opaquing, stripping, masking, and other detailed processes to produce negative flats for making offset plates; prepare required proofs.

Inspect incoming materials; prepare image carrier; operate plate exposure machine to prepare plates for use in offset printing; complete processing; inspect finished plates.

Perform manual and machine operator tasks in the set up, maintenance and operation of a printing press. Interpret instruction, perform or direct press set up and run adjustment samples to set print quality. Operate press to produce product to quality standards.

Responsible for previewing, preparing, proofing and printing the full range of color and black and white jobs on a digital color press. Performs advanced duties in the electronic preparation of files for digital printing, including color manipulation and correction. Requires knowledge of and experience working with trapping and imposition, preflight, file preparation, color management, color calibration process and instruments. Performs advanced level trouble-shooting of files. Maintains high standards of quality by evaluating and monitoring output according to specifications and/or client expectations. Monitors and calibrates system and supplies to ensure uninterrupted production. Must have experience using computers and knowledge of multiple operating systems. Performs troubleshooting, maintenance, cleaning, and replenishing of consumables. May perform all duties of an EP1.

Set up, operate and maintain large machine bindery operations. Machinery may include didde collating machine (including numbering machine), hand fed stamping embossing equipment, programmable cutters, large folding equipment, in-line stitch/trim equipment, adhesive (perfect) binding equipment, and 3-knife trimmer, set up and maintain hand fed gang stitcher. May temporarily perform functions of other bookbinder classes without loss of pay.

Set up, operate, and maintain hand fed operations on smaller, less complicated equipment. This may include tipping equipment, single and multi-spindle drills, hand fed perforating/scoring equipment, single function stitchers, manual punching and closing (GBC) equipment. Feed, unload and/or pack on full multiple function binding lines and hand-fed gang stitcher; take off folders; miscellaneous hand folding or assembling; inspect and sort material; and feed shrink wrapper. May temporarily perform duties of any lower class without loss of pay.

Coordinates the delivery and receiving of materials to and from vendors. Moves equipment and supplies. Coordinates the deliveries of finished printed material to the client. Insures all shipping documents and functions are completed accurately and, in conjunction with production control department, develop inbound and outbound freight and delivery schedules. In cooperation with other responsible parties makes appropriate entries documenting shipping, receiving, and buyout activities in the departmental manufacturing tracking system. Coordinates with production control to ensure that all priority jobs have been delivered. Performs final quality control inspection prior to delivery. Verifies packing slip counts with material labels. Maintains a consistent stock storage system, and an accurate physical inventory of stock on hand. Leads truck drivers and General Workers when they assist in the Shipping and Stockroom areas. Maintains good housekeeping in the Shipping and Stockroom areas.

Assist press operators in the manual and machine tasks in the set up, maintenance and operation of printing presses including preventative maintenance on presses, press washups, loading feeders. May temporarily perform duties of any lower class without loss of pay. May be assigned to perform all duties of a General Worker.

Support the lithographers in the preparatory department. Store and retrieve archived film and plates. Expose duplicate negatives and print material. Expose blueline and color key materials. Purge and recycle dated film and plates. Assist the camera or plate operator in their duties. Mix processor chemicals. Other appropriate related tasks as assigned.

Performs advanced duties in the electronic preparation and output of files for offset printing, including but not limited to extracting images from client files and reformat for printing, adjust photos for dot gain and make other corrections for advanced image processing, such as color manipulation and correction. Must have complete understanding of the prining process and the role of Prepress in that process, including thorough knowledge of flat lay work and conventional stripping techniques. Must have advanced knowledge of all relevant prepress software applications and systems used in the production process, including outputting files for plates and film where required. Responsible for performing appropriate trapping and imposition of the most complex files as required by the nature of the work. Functions include scanning, ripping, trapping, imposition, proofing image-setting, and digital plating. Performs advanced-level trouble-shooting of files and suggest and implement solutions, including but not limited to the non-exclusive pre flight of electronic files, and making corrections appropriate for use in offset production. May on occasion perform the functions of lithographer. May on occasion perform the functions of lower classifications.

Knowledge and understanding of the printing process and the role of prepress. Thorough knowledge of all relevant prepress software. Ability to prepare electronic files for offset printing, including modification of files to include trapping, bleeds, and imposition according to organizational standards. Knowledge of and ability to produce and modify scans of original work. Responsible for operation, calibration and maintenances of image setter/processor. Not responsible for drum scanning or "high end" color manipulation.

Operates within a Macintosh-based system to implement provided instructions or design; keyboards original copy; performs traditional and electronic production paste-up; prepares camera-ready mechanicals and electronic files for in-house printing. Works with software applications including but not limited to Word, Page Maker, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop. Generally works with supplied files and is not involved in the design or creative processes. Monitors darkroom, including processor maintenance and supplies.

Drive small delivery vehicles (vans and trucks), perform pickup and delivery of materials and finished products. May serve as a General Worker in other areas.

May be assigned all duties of Truck Driver and to assist the Shipping/Receiving/Stockroom Coordinator.

May work in any department. Move material to and from equipment operations. Stack paper. Assist in Shipping and Stockroom as necessary. Perform general plant cleanup and shop maintenance. Other appropriate related tasks as assigned.