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GCIU Local 767-M Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Article 27 - Miscellaneous Leave

Section 1.
The University shall allow leave with pay to permit an employee to take an examination for a University position, serve as a member of a jury, or perform other civil duties as subpoenaed.

Section 2.
Employees who receive compensation for performing civil duties during working hours shall retain their regular salary. Any amount of such additional compensation up to the amount of the employee's basic salary shall be returned or credited to the University. The employee shall retain travel reimbursement and per diem, if any.

Section 3.
Three days of bereavement leave shall be granted for each occurrence when an employee is required to be absent from work because of the death of a member of an employee's family as defined in Section 4.

Should the Director determine it warranted, in addition to bereavement leave, sick leave, vacation leave or leave without pay may be authorized for condolence or bereavement.

Family members are limited to spouse, son, daughter, grandchild, child in the custody of or residing in the home of an employee, grandparent, parent, brother, sister, stepchild, mother-in-law or father-in-law or household member as defined in Section 4.

Section 4.
Family members. Individuals considered to be members of the family are the employee's spouse or same or opposite sex domestic partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, sister or brother. It also includes individuals in the following relationships with the employee's spouse or domestic partner: child, parent and grandparent. "Child" also includes any child residing in the employee's home through foster care, legal guardianship or custody. Family members include those persons in a "step" relationship.

Section 5.
Following notification to the supervisor within a reasonable period, absence due to an employee's inability to work because of severe inclement weather or conditions caused by severe inclement weather shall be charged first to accrued vacation leave then to leave without pay. If the University suspends operations, employees will have the following options to cover the period of closure: vacation leave, personal holiday, leave without pay or a reasonable opportunity to make up work time lost based on employer need.