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GCIU Local 767-M Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Article 26 - Vacations

Section 1.
Permanent employees shall receive vacation with pay as outlined below. Accrual begins with the date of hire to a permanent position and may be used on a pro rata basis following the successful completion of six months employment.

Section 2.
Employees hired before July 1, 2013, shall accrue vacation leave based on the first and successive years of University service at the following rate:

Service Accrual Rate
Years Months Days Per Year
1st 0-12 15
2nd 13-24 16
3rd 25-36 17
4th 37-48 18
5th 49-60 19
6th 61-72 20
7th 73-84 21
8th 85 & above 23

Employees hired on or after July 1, 2013, shall accrue vacation leave according to the same schedule affecting employees represented by SEIU 925 and WFSE 1488, as follows:

Service Accrual Rate
Years Months Days Per Year
1st 0-12 12
2nd 13-24 13
3rd 25-36 14
4th 37-48 15
5th 49-60 16
6th 61-72 17
7th 73-84 18
8th 85-96 19
9th 97-108 20
10th 109-120 21
11th 121-132 22
12th 133 & above 23

All part-time employees shall receive prorated vacation pay.

Section 3.
A vacation calendar for each unit will be circulated between January 1 and February 15 and posted by March 1 of each year in a conspicuous place by the supervisor for all employees to see for the purpose of entering thereon the dates of each employee's vacation.

Seniority based on University of Washington service will govern initial choice of vacation dates until March 1 each year. The employee may exercise his or her seniority on preferred dates only once.

Section 4.
Vacation pay shall be at the rate which the employee is receiving at the time vacation is taken.

Section 5.
An employee may accumulate a vacation balance which normally shall not exceed 240 hours. Vacation accrual and accumulation shall cease at the time an employee's vacation balance reaches the maximum balance allowed and shall not resume until the employee's vacation balance is below the maximum allowed. An employee may elect to accrue in excess of 240 hours but must receive approval to use the balance in excess of 240 hours prior to the next anniversary date or lose those hours accrued in excess of 240.

Section 6.
An employee may voluntarily donate eligible vacation leave to another employee under the University Shared Leave Program. Upon notification by the personnel office that the donated leave is approved, the vacation hours will be deducted from the donor's current vacation leave balance.

Section 7.
In the event that the University cancels an employee's scheduled and approved vacation, leaving no time to reschedule such vacation before the employee's maximum balance will be reached, the employee's vacation balance will be permitted to exceed the allowable maximum and the employee will continue to accrue vacation for a period of up to six months if such exemption is approved.

Section 8.
In the event of an employee's death the cash equivalent of any accrued vacation leave shall be paid to the legal beneficiary.

Section 9.
Any employee who either resigns or is terminated by the University shall be entitled to accrued vacation pay.