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GCIU Local 767-M Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Article 19 - Union Representatives

Section 1.
The Business Manager or Business Representative of the Union may arrange a reasonable time to visit the work location of bargaining unit employees as agreed by the Director or designee. Agreement shall not unreasonably be withheld. Such representative shall limit his/her activities during such investigations to matters relating to this Agreement.

The University shall prevail upon its supervisory personnel to cooperate fully with the steward and other Union representatives in an attempt to promptly resolve any complaints that may arise. The Union, likewise, shall prevail upon all employees in the bargaining unit, and especially the steward, to make a diligent and serious attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level.

Section 2.
The Union shall have the right to designate one shop steward for the bargaining unit. The Director shall be notified immediately upon appointment. Under no circumstances shall a shop steward countermand orders or directions from University officials or change working conditions.

Section 3.
Where allowable and after prior arrangements have been made, the Union may use meeting rooms in accordance with University regulations for the purpose of conducting Union business, where such activities do not interfere with the normal work of the University.