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GCIU Local 767-M Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Article 17 - Seniority

Section 1.
Seniority shall be defined as unbroken, continuous service in the bargaining unit in a permanent position. A seniority list shall be maintained reflecting each employee's most recent date of hire in the bargaining unit and date of appointment in the current job classification. A copy of the seniority list will be posted on the employee bulletin board; it will be updated as revisions are necessary. Seniority shall be terminated in the event of layoff for more than 12 months, nonavailability for recall to employment or for resignation or termination. Seniority will be considered unbroken for approved unpaid leave for up to three (3) months for union business.

Section 2.
In all layoffs, reemployment and shift preference the rules of seniority shall prevail when in the judgment of the University the employee is competent to perform the work required. The employee with the least seniority in the job class shall be laid off. An employee in a higher classification who worked for the Print Plant in a lower class or works in the same skill category of other employees (Bookbinder I and II; Electronic Pre-Press categories; press categories) may exercise seniority in order to avoid layoff or be rehired. Where seniority is so exercised, the employee's rate shall be that of the lower classification.