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GCIU Local 767-M Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Article 6 - Union Membership and Dues

Section 1.
The University agrees to deduct from the paycheck of each employee who has so authorized it, the regular monthly dues uniformly required of members of the Union. The amounts deducted shall be transmitted regularly to the Union on behalf of the employees involved. Authorization by the employee shall be on a form approved by the parties hereto and may be revoked by the employee upon request.

The Union and each employee authorizing the assignment of wages for the payment of Union dues hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold the University harmless from all claims, demands, suits or other forms of liability that may arise against the University for or on account of any deduction made from the wages of such employee.

Section 2.
It shall be a condition of employment that all employees covered by this Agreement who are members of the Union on the effective date of this Agreement shall remain members, and those who are not members shall either join the Union or contribute periodically an amount equivalent to the regular monthly dues of the Union to the Union, and any employee hired or assigned into the bargaining unit as defined in Article 4 of this Agreement shall, on or after the thirtieth (30th) day following the beginning of such employment, or inclusion within the bargaining unit, either join the Union or contribute monthly an amount equivalent to the regular monthly dues of the Union to the Union.

Employees who are determined by the Public Employment Relations Commission to satisfy the religious exemption requirements of RCW 41.56.122 shall contribute an amount equivalent to regular union dues and initiation fees to a charitable organization mutually agreed upon by the employee affected and the bargaining representative to which such employee would otherwise pay the regular monthly dues.

Section 3.
Failure by an employee to abide by the afore-referenced provisions shall constitute cause for discharge of such employee; provided, however, it shall be the responsibility of the Union to notify the University in writing when it is seeking discharge of an employee for noncompliance with Section 2 of this Article. When an employee fails to fulfill the union security obligations set forth within this Article, the Union shall forward a "Request for Discharge Letter" to the affected department head (with copies to the affected employee and University Labor Relations Office). Accompanying the discharge letter shall be a copy of the letter to the employee from the Union explaining the employee's obligation under Article 6, Section 2.

The contents of the "Request for Discharge Letter" shall specifically request the discharge of the employee for failure to abide by Section 2 of Article 6, but provide the employee and the University with ten (10) calendar days written notification of the Union's intent to initiate discharge action, during which time the employee may make restitution in the amount which is overdue.