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UW - SEIU 925 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Contract Consolidation
Neither party will be bound by typographical errors, grammatical errors, or other instances of unintended error in this contract. Furthermore, the parties agree that any unintended changes to the contract language as a result of contract consolidation will not create new legal rights or responsibilities outside of the parties' specific intent. The parties reserve the right to correct any such mistakes or omissions by mutual agreement at any point during the life of the contract in order to preserve the original intent of the language.

Article 28 - Joint Union-management Committee

28.1 Committee Purpose and Membership.
A Joint Union-Management Committee is established to provide a forum for communications between the two (2) parties and to deal with matters of general Union/Employer concern. The committee's function will be limited to an advisory capacity and shall not include any decision-making or collective bargaining authority.

Committee membership for employees in the University-wide Nonsupervisory, University-wide Supervisory, and Health Care Professional/Laboratory Technical bargaining units shall consist of three (3) bargaining unit employees and a Union staff representative and four (4) Employer representatives to include the Assistant Vice President of Labor Relations or designee.

Committee membership for employees in the Research Technologist and Research Technologist Supervisor bargaining units shall consist of two (2) bargaining unit employees and a Union staff representative and three (3) Employer representatives to include the Assistant Vice President of Labor Relations or designee.

The Employer will discuss with representatives of the Union significant changes affecting institutional conditions of employment generally affecting bargaining unit employees sufficiently in advance of the targeted implementation date of said changes so that reasonable alternative proposals can be adequately considered by the Joint Union-Management Committee. Diversity, child care and tuition exemption shall be considered appropriate subjects for the Joint Union-Management Committee.

28.2 Meetings. Committee meetings may be requested by an authorized representative of either party. Requests for a quarterly meeting shall be honored; however, once convened, the committee may meet more or less frequently as mutually agreed between the parties.

At least one (1) week's notice shall be given to members of any agreed upon meeting and the agenda. Committee meetings shall normally be held during University business hours and at a mutually agreeable time and date. Employee members shall experience no loss in salary for meeting participation; however, meeting times are not construed as work time and no overtime shall be claimed or paid for meetings attended outside the employee members' regular working hours.

28.3 Limitations.
Committee meeting topics shall be limited to subjects of group rather than individual concern, and the committee shall not discuss grievances properly processed under Article 4 of the Agreement. Further, it is not intended that this Article obligate in any way either party to negotiate on personnel matters covered in this Agreement or to alter, limit, restrict, or reduce prerogatives of either party otherwise provided in this Agreement.

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