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UW - SEIU 925 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Contract Consolidation
Neither party will be bound by typographical errors, grammatical errors, or other instances of unintended error in this contract. Furthermore, the parties agree that any unintended changes to the contract language as a result of contract consolidation will not create new legal rights or responsibilities outside of the parties' specific intent. The parties reserve the right to correct any such mistakes or omissions by mutual agreement at any point during the life of the contract in order to preserve the original intent of the language.

Article 24 - Records

24.1 Vacation/Sick Leave.
Each department will keep vacation and sick leave records and make them available to employees upon request.

24.2 Bargaining Unit.
A current list of names, classifications, and departments of all bargaining unit employees will be provided annually to the Union at cost.

24.3 Personnel File.
Upon written request by an employee to their area Human Resources Office (official personnel file) or department manager (departmental file), the employee or employee's representative shall have access to the employee's official or departmental personnel file for review. Upon the employee's request, the employee may receive copies of any materials in the file (requests for reasonable numbers of copies will be provided at no cost to the employee; employees may be charged a fee for requests for large numbers of copies). Prior to such review the Director or designee may remove any letters of reference which were obtained through assurances of confidentiality to a third party. Such letters shall only be used for the purposes of hiring and/or promotional application.

Employees shall be provided a copy of all adverse material placed in the official file at the time the material is included in the file.

  1. Information shall be retained as long as it has a reasonable bearing on the employee's job performance or upon the efficient and effective management of the institution.

    Adverse material or information related to employee misconduct or alleged misconduct which is determined to be false and all such information in situations where the employee has been fully exonerated of wrong doing shall be promptly destroyed.

  2. Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, an institution may retain information relating to employee misconduct or alleged misconduct, if:
    1. The employee requests that the information be retained; or
    2. The information is related to pending legal action or legal actions may reasonably be expected to result.

The employee shall have the right to have placed in his/her own personnel file a statement of rebuttal or correction of information contained in the file within a reasonable period of time after the employee becomes aware that the information has been placed in the file.

24.4 Request for Information. The Employer shall make available to the Union, upon written request, records and reports regarding personnel issues, such as home addresses, employment date and reclassification requests, concerning those classifications in the bargaining units, provided that this shall not require the Employer to disclose any records not subject to disclosure under the Public Disclosure Act of the State of Washington or to maintain or assemble any data which it would not otherwise assemble for its own use. Information shall be provided electronically where feasible.

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