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UW - SEIU 925 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Contract Consolidation
Neither party will be bound by typographical errors, grammatical errors, or other instances of unintended error in this contract. Furthermore, the parties agree that any unintended changes to the contract language as a result of contract consolidation will not create new legal rights or responsibilities outside of the parties' specific intent. The parties reserve the right to correct any such mistakes or omissions by mutual agreement at any point during the life of the contract in order to preserve the original intent of the language.

Article 23 - Health and Safety

23.1 Policies.
It is the Employer's intent to make reasonable and proper provisions for the maintenance of appropriate standards of health and safety within the workplace. The Employer shall comply with applicable Federal and State health and safety legislation and regulations and has designated the University's Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department to advise and monitor compliance with such standards.

When it is established through medical documentation that a disabling condition or physical limitation prohibits continued performance of the employee's assigned duties, the Employer will attempt to assist the employee through reassignment, transfer, or reconfiguration of job duties.

Employees who believe that working conditions present a hazard to their health should first alert their supervisor. If unsatisfactory response at that level, employees are encouraged to contact Environmental Health and Safety to report hazardous conditions. If a supervisor or Environmental Health and Safety declares a work site to be hazardous and unfit for work, affected employees may be assigned to alternative work sites until the hazardous condition is rectified. If assignment to an alternative work site is not possible and the supervisor decides to send the employees home, those employees sent home will receive their regular pay for all time the employee is scheduled to work on the day of the incident. For all subsequent days the employee(s) may use accrued leave as appropriate.

23.2 Health Examinations.
The Employer shall provide at no cost to the employee, such medical tests or health examinations as may be required as a condition of employment.

23.3 Safety.
All work shall be performed in conformity with applicable safety standards. Employees are encouraged to immediately report any unsafe working conditions to their supervisor. No employee shall be disciplined for reporting any such condition nor be required to work or to operate equipment when he/she has reasonable grounds to believe such action would result in immediate danger to life or safety until the condition has been reviewed by a Union Steward and a higher level of supervision. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the supervisor or employee may request a decision from the University's Department of Environmental Health and Safety, and if unresolved, the Department of Labor and Industries.

23.4 Safety Committees.
Bargaining unit employees shall be appropriately represented on any organizational health and safety committees for areas in which they are employed, as detailed in Administrative Policy Statements 10.11. Any department or unit committee also dealing with health and safety issues in work areas shall appropriately involve bargaining unit employees. It shall also be appropriate for either party to raise health and safety concerns at the Joint Union/Management Committee.

23.5 Ergonomics.
Further ergonomic guidelines shall be referenced on the Environmental Health and Safety department website

23.6 Workplace Review.
The parties recognize that there are several elements in a work site which may affect individual health, comfort and productivity. The Employer shall conduct routine hazard assessments of any worksite that may contain health hazards as required by WAC. The Employer shall provide awareness education to help reduce identified hazards. Employees may also request a workplace review by the employing department and employees shall be given the results of the review.

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