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UW - SEIU 925 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Contract Consolidation
Neither party will be bound by typographical errors, grammatical errors, or other instances of unintended error in this contract. Furthermore, the parties agree that any unintended changes to the contract language as a result of contract consolidation will not create new legal rights or responsibilities outside of the parties' specific intent. The parties reserve the right to correct any such mistakes or omissions by mutual agreement at any point during the life of the contract in order to preserve the original intent of the language.

Article 5 - Stewards

5.1 Recognition.
The Employer recognizes the right of the Union to designate union stewards from each bargaining unit as follows:

Upon proper designation in accordance with Section 5.3 of this Article the stewards shall be authorized to take up employee grievances through the grievance procedure of any SEIU Local 925 Agreement between the Employer and the Union.

5.2 Steward Release Time.
A steward who is processing a grievance in accordance with the grievance procedure of any SEIU Local 925 Agreement between the Employer and the Union shall be permitted reasonable time to assist in the resolution of legitimate employee grievances on the Employer's property without loss of pay or recorded work time. Time off for processing grievances shall be granted to a steward by supervision following a request, but in consideration of job responsibilities. If permission for time off cannot be immediately granted, the supervisor shall arrange for time off at the earliest possible time thereafter.

A record of a steward's work time spent on grievances or other authorized activity on behalf of the Union shall be maintained on a basis mutually agreeable between the Union and the department involved.

In the event the Employer determines that the amount of work time used by any steward on grievances or other authorized Union activities is unreasonable, it may become a topic for mutual discussion between the parties.

5.3 Designation of Stewards and Areas of Jurisdiction.
The Union will submit to the Office of Labor Relations on a semiannual basis the names of all Union officers, stewards, their work locations, and areas of jurisdiction. Stewards shall process grievances only within their jurisdiction unless otherwise mutually agreed. In the event of redesignation of stewards, notice will be provided to the Office of Labor Relations at least two (2) working days before any such steward shall be recognized as properly designated to take up employee grievances.

5.4 Stewards in Training. Where the Union requests in advance of a Step Two hearing that a second steward be present for training purposes, this release will be approved without loss of pay or recorded work time subject to the operational needs of the second steward's department.

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