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UW/SEIU 1199 Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Side Letter


July 1, 2013

Ms. Diane Sosne, President
District 1199NW, SEIU
15 S. Grady Way, Suite 200
Renton , WA 98055

Dear Ms. Sosne:

In addition to the terms and conditions of the contract, the parties confirmed that parking and release time for the next round of negotiations would be handled accordingly during the life of the contract.


The union agrees that during the life of this agreement the University may apply changes in transportation policy, including adjusting parking and U-Pass fees and criteria for assigning parking spots, to the bargaining unit without the obligation to bargain with the union. The union will continue to be able to appoint a member to Harborview Medical Center's Parking Committee in accordance with Article 17.6.

Negotiations for a Successor Contract

The Employer will allow a designated bargaining team of up to thirteen (13) bargaining unit members to be released during negotiations for a successor contract, all of whom will be on paid release time.

The Union will provide the names of the designated negotiating team members to the Office of Labor Relations at least three weeks prior to the beginning of negotiations. The Union will provide the names of the designated 13 negotiating team members to the employer at the beginning of each bargaining session. Thereafter, it is the individual employee's responsibility to request leave time from the unit to participate in negotiations. Such release time is restricted to the actual hours of negotiations or mediation, including meals, pre-meeting and post-meeting time. Paid release time will not exceed eight (8) hours. Harborview Medical Center will make a good faith effort to provide release time to the designated 13 members of the negotiating team during negotiations and mediation sessions. The employer will notify managers of the names of the members to be released for bargaining.

Release time is contingent on approval by the employee's manager or designee and shall not be considered as work hours for purposes of payment of overtime.

Other employees wishing to participate in bargaining may request time off in accordance with normal leave policies. Employees have the option of returning to work to complete their shift.

Social Workers

Special projects, in and of themselves, will not have an impact on whether or not a Social Worker I is qualified to be reclassified to a Social Worker II. To become a Social Worker II an employee must meet all state legal requirements and other minimum qualifications contained in the Social Worker II class specification.

Performance Problem Resolution Step A

The Employer will use the jointly developed general template when a Step A counseling is being administered.

Non-Nursing Work

This is to affirm that it is the intent of Harborview Medical Center to minimize the use of Registered Nurses to do non-nursing work.

Articles 5.2 and 5.8

SEIU 1199NW and Harborview Medical Center agree to abide by the current language in Article 5.2 and Article 5.8. The Union agrees that delegates and organizers will be given copies of this language.

Nursing Administration in Article 5.2 is defined as the Director of Professional and Support Services.

Unscheduled Weekend Work

SEIU 1199NW and Harborview Medical Center agree that it would be in their mutual interest for Harborview Medical Center management to minimize the number of occasions on which unscheduled weekend shifts are assigned.

Call-Back Article 12.4

SEIU 1199NW and Harborview Medical Center agree on the need to clarify the utilization of call-back pay as per Section 12.4 of the Agreement. Both parties agree there is a need to give as much notice as possible to assist in keeping staffing at optimal levels.

Both parties further agree that the use of call-back pay should be minimized. Management will post any available shift more than eight hours prior to the start of the shift and will actively seek volunteers from the bargaining unit to work the shift. The volunteer who agrees to work the shift will not be entitled to receive call-back pay pursuant to Section 12.4 if the Agreement is reached eight hours prior to the start of the shift.

KRONOS Committee

It is agreed and understood that the KRONOS system has been implemented at Harborview Medical Center. The Union and Employer agree to work together on the KRONOS system to ensure a minimum of disruption and the accuracy of the system.

HMC and the Union will convene a labor-management committee to discuss and monitor the KRONOS implementation within the Medical Center. The Union may designate one individual from each of its bargaining units to serve on the committee. The Union may designate two registered nurses (one from Inpatient, one from Outpatient) to serve on the committee. The Employer representatives will be those individuals responsible for implementing and maintaining the system. Once convened, the committee will determine the frequency of meetings. Time spent on the committee shall be paid release time.

The committee will monitor the effectiveness and accuracy of the system as well as make recommendations for improvements, including for the training and orientation for users.

HMC commits to work with the KRONOS multi bargaining unit JLM Committee to address difficulties including viewing and documenting OT or Comp Time and accessing KRONOS badge readers or URL site.

Market Adjustments

The parties will meet at least quarterly, if requested by either party, to address and bargain wage issues based on market adjustments, recruitment and retention issues, and other wage issues. Upon request, the Medical Center will meet to negotiate all aspects of the proposed adjustment(s) and the Union will be provided any data utilized to support the adjustments(s). At any time the Union may recommend that the Employer consider market adjustments.

Lactation Station

A fully functional lactation station will be available for employee us in both the Main hospital building and the Maleng building.

ALNW Bargaining Unit

The ALNW Joint Labor Management Committee may directly, or through a sub-committee review shift start and quit times as well as accompanying standby assignments for BFI shifts. Initially, a 12:00pm-12:00am shift will be used with accompanying standby assignment of 12:00am-7:00am. By mutual agreement a different shift/standby assignment may be trialed.

A good faith effort will be made to limit the number of times nurses travel to the Bellingham base while nurses for whom Bellingham is the official duty station travel to other bases.


Darcy Jaffe, Chief Nursing Officer