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UW/SEIU 1199 Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
APPENDIX XIII - Compliance With RCW 70.41.410-420
Washington State Nurse Staffing Committee Law

The parties have agreed to use the following process to achieve compliance with RCW 70.41.410-420. Washington State Nurse Staffing Committee Law

  1. A Nurse Staffing Committee composed of eight staff nurses and up to eight nursing administrators will be established. The staff nurses will be selected by the union. Should the Union be unable to fill a position the vacancy may be filled by a management appointed staff nurse. One staff nurse should come from each of the clinical groups, referred to as Layoff Units 1-7 in Appendix XIII: Acute Care, Critical Care, Emergency Department, OR (Procedural), Psychiatry, Clinics, Float Pool. The eighth staff nurse will be a second representative from Acute Care.
  2. The Staffing Committee will update the Nurse Practice Committee at the Nurse Practice Committee’s quarterly meetings. The Nurse Practice Committee may be used to disseminate Staffing Committee information to the units.
  3. Committee work will be considered work time. If determined appropriate by the Staffing Committee, paid time in addition to Committee meeting time may be provided for Staffing Committee members to complete their work and/or meet with clinical subgroups (units).
  4. The Committee will be given all data required under RCW 70.41.410-420 as well as any other data that has been contractually agreed to that may not be covered by the law. The Committee may ask for additional data which, if available, will be provided. The Committee may also ask for specific individuals to attend for explanations regarding data. The Committee will consider these data in its development and evaluation of the staffing plan(s).
  5. The Committee will determine its chair and the quorum needed to have meetings.
  6. The Committee will initially meet once a month and will determine if more or fewer meetings are necessary.
  7. The daily matrix and actual staffing postings will be collected and delivered to the Committee for review.
  8. HMC administration will make a good faith effort to develop and make available an electronic short staffing form that can be used by the Committee to evaluate staffing and make recommendations for the annual staffing plans.
  9. Annually the Committee will target the late winter/early spring to complete its work regarding the development of the staffing plans and it will regularly review and evaluate the staffing plans which will be used by HMC in the budget development process.
  10. The Committee’s work will include overseeing the posting of the staffing plans in accordance with the law.
  11. The Committee may decide to use additional resources to help complete its work, which may include the University of Washington’s Ruckelshaus Center.