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UW/SEIU 1199 Contract (Effective 7/1/13 - 6/30/15)
Appendix XII Layoff Units

Professional/Technical Unit - Imagers

  1. Imaging Technologist (IT)
  2. Imaging Technologist - CT (may bump IT if have essential skills)
  3. Imaging Technologist - Angio (may bump IT if have essential skills)
  4. Imaging Technologist - MRI (may bump IT if have essential skills)
  5. Nuclear Med Tech
  6. Ultrasound
  7. Imaging Technologist Lead (may bump into IT unit where they have essential skills)
  8. Employees with the essential skills in multiple modalities will be in the layoff units that contain the modalities in which the employee possesses the essential skills

Social Work

  1. Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress (HCSATS); Children's Response Center (CRC)
  2. Madison; Ambulatory; Inpatient; Emergency Department (ED); Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES); Psych
  3. Harborview Mental Health Services (HMHS); Mental Health Integration Program (MHIP)
  4. Social Work Assistant 2s

Social Worker 2s may bump Social Worker 1s in their respective layoff unit.

Respiratory Therapy

  1. All RTs
  2. Leads may bump into non-lead RT.

Anesthesia Techs

  1. All ATs
  2. Leads may bump into non-lead AT.

Health Care Specialists

  1. All Health Care Specialist positions subject to essential skills, department specific credentialing and medical staff approval of the HCS identified for layoff and any HCS position occupied by a junior HCS.
  2. Leads may bump into non-lead HCS position subject to conditions above.

Registered Nurses

  1. Critical Care, critical care float pool, PACU, radiology nurses, STAT
  2. Acute care, acute care float pool, ambulatory surgery, rehab, LSU
  3. ED services, urgent care, fast track, ED ops, community care line
  4. OR
  5. Psych, Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES), mental health
  6. Clinic nurses
  7. Float pool – among themselves and within layoff units 1 and 2 above depending upon float pool in which the nurse works
  8. All nurses – will be in layoff unit in which nurse held a permanent position within the last two years prior to being identified for layoff

ALNW Bargaining Unit

  1. Airlift Northwest–wide