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UW - SEIU1199NW Master Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 26 - Performance of Duty

26.1 The Employer and the Union acknowledge that this Agreement provides, through the Grievance Procedure contained therein, for an orderly settlement of grievances or disputes which may arise between the parties. Accordingly, the parties agree that the public interest requires the uninterrupted performance of all University services and to this end pledge to prevent or eliminate any conduct contrary to that objective. Therefore, during the life of this Agreement there shall be no work stoppage or any other form of concerted job action by employees in the bargaining units, nor will the Union authorize or condone such activity in form.

26.2 Should the employees engage in any unauthorized concerted action, a Joint Labor/Management Committee shall immediately convene and shall continue to meet until the dispute is settled, and the employees involved shall immediately return to work and continue working. Any employee who refuses to perform his/her work may be subject to disciplinary action.

26.3 There will be no strike or lockout regarding any matters pertaining to the contents of this Agreement.

26.4 Any action of the Employer in closing the University during any unauthorized concerted action, riot, or civil disturbance for the protection of the institution, its property, or its employees shall not be deemed a lockout.

26.5 Employees covered by this Agreement who would engage in any prohibited activity as defined above shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Employer, including discharge.

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