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UW - SEIU1199NW Master Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 24 - Worker's Compensation Leave

24.1 Employees who suffer a work related injury or illness that is compensable under the state worker's compensation law may select time loss compensation exclusively, leave payment exclusively or a combination of time loss compensation and accrued paid leave.

24.2 Employees taking sick leave during a period in which they receive worker's compensation under the industrial insurance provisions for a work related illness or injury shall receive full sick leave pay, less any industrial insurance payments for time loss during the sick leave period.

  1. Until eligibility for worker's compensation is determined by the Department of Labor and Industries, the institution may pay full sick leave, provided that the employee shall return any overpayment to the institution when the salary adjustment is determined.
  2. Sick leave hours charged to an employee who receives worker's compensation, as a result of the time loss shall be proportionate to that portion of the employee's salary paid by the institution during the claim period.

24.3 During a period when an employee receives pay for vacation leave, compensatory time off or holidays and also receives worker's compensation for time loss, he/she is entitled to both payments without any deduction for the industrial insurance payment.

24.4 When an employee receives worker's compensation payment for time loss and is on leave without pay, no deductions will be made for the industrial insurance payment.

24.5 An employee who sustains an industrial injury, accident or illness, arising from employment at Harborview shall, upon written request and proof of continuing disability, be granted leave of absence without pay for up to six months without loss of layoff seniority or change in annual increment date. Leave without pay exceeding six months without loss of layoff seniority or change in annual increment date may be granted at the option of the Employer.

24.6 Employees working for ALNW will be covered under the Worker's Compensation laws that apply to the state in which their assigned base is located. The Employer will comply with all such laws.

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