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UW - SEIU1199NW Master Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 19 - Classifications

19.1 The current classifications with their respective pay levels are hereby incorporated into this contract as Appendix I. The existing class specifications for these jobs are considered in effect upon the execution of this contract.


  1. Should the University decide to create, eliminate or modify class specifications, it will notify the Union in advance of implementing the action. Notification will include the bargaining unit status of the classification and, for a newly created or modified classification considered to be in the bargaining unit, a proposed salary. Notification will occur at least thirty (30) days in advance of any proposed implementation date. At the Union's request the University will meet and confer with the Union over its proposed action.
  2. An employee occupying a position reallocated to a class with a lower salary range maximum due to a class being created, abolished or modified will retain the salary of their former position until reaching the top of the range of the former position, and then will be frozen until the new class pay range catches up. An employee(s) occupying a position reallocated to a class with a higher salary range due to a class being created, abolished or modified will receive the same step in the new range as the employee(s) held in the previous range. The periodic increment date of the employee will remain unchanged.
  3. Within thirty (30) calendar days following implementation of the University's decision to create or combine classifications, or modify class specifications for bargaining unit positions, the Union may file an appeal with the Classification Review Hearing Officer selected under Article 20 of this contract, to determine if the salary assigned to the classification is appropriate.
  4. The Union may, at any time, propose a new classification with appropriate justification. These proposals will be reviewed by the Compensation Office of Human Resources which will accept, reject, or modify any proposal. This review is not grievable.

The Employer agrees to notify the Union of any proposed reclassifications of occupied bargaining unit positions into non-bargaining unit positions.

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