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UW - SEIU1199NW Master Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 14 - Holiday and Vacation Schedule

14.1 Holidays.
Holidays for employees in the bargaining units shall be as designated by the University of Washington. The recognized holidays are observed as shown on the University's staff holiday schedule:

The Employer may designate other days to be observed in lieu of the above holidays.

The University of Washington designated holiday schedule will apply to employees normally having holidays off who are assigned to fixed Monday through Friday work patterns. If required to work on the designated holiday, holiday pay (time and one-half – 1 ½) will apply to the shifts in which the majority of hours occur on the designated holiday.

Employees who are assigned to other work patterns normally including holidays will receive holiday pay for the shifts on which the majority of hours occur on the actual holiday (e.g. Christmas is December 25; New Year's, January 1; Veterans Day, November 11) regardless of the day of the week or designated University of Washington holiday.

Personal Holiday.

  1. Each employee may select one personal holiday each calendar year in accordance with the following:
    1. The employee has been continuously employed by the institution for more than four (4) months;
    2. The employee has given not less than fourteen (14) calendar days written notice to the supervisor; provided, however, the employee and the supervisor may agree upon an earlier date; and
    3. The number of employees selecting a particular day off does not prevent providing continued public service.
  2. Entitlement to the holiday will not lapse when denied under (1) (c) above.
  3. Full-time employees shall receive eight (8) hours of regular holiday pay for the personal holiday. Any differences between the scheduled shift for the day and eight (8) hours may be adjusted by use of vacation leave, use or accumulation of compensatory time as appropriate, or leave without pay.
  4. Part-time classified employees shall be entitled to the number of paid hours on a personal holiday that their monthly schedule bears to a full time schedule.

14.2 Vacation Leave. The current accrual schedule for full-time employees is as follows:

During Paid Vacation Days
1st year 12
2nd year 13
3rd and 4th years 14
5th - 9th years 15
10th year 16
11th year 17
12th year 18
13th year 19
14th year 20
15th year 21
16th year 22

14.3 Vacation Leave - Use.

  1. Vacation leave may not be taken until an employee has completed six (6) months of continuous employment. An employee bringing an accrued balance from another state agency may use the previously accrued vacation leave during the institutional probationary or trial service period.
  2. All requests for vacation leave must be approved by the employing official or designee in advance of the effective date unless used for emergency child care as provided in Article 15.12.
  3. Vacation leave shall be scheduled by the employing department at a time most convenient to the work of the department, the determination of which shall rest with the employing official. As far as possible, leave will be scheduled in accordance with the wishes of the employee in any amount up to the total of his/her earned leave credits.
  4. Paid vacation leave may not be used in advance of its accrual.

    Scheduling of vacations shall be the responsibility of supervision. However, supervision shall receive input from the local units before making major changes to established department policies on vacation leave.

Vacation Leave - Accumulation-Excess.

Vacation leave credits may be accumulated to a maximum of thirty working days (240 hours). However, there are two methods which allow vacation leave to be accumulated above the maximum:

  1. If an employee's request for vacation leave is denied by the employing official, then the maximum of thirty (30) working days accrual shall be extended for each month that the leave is deferred provided a statement of necessity justifying the denial is approved by the Personnel Officer.
  2. As an alternative to subsection (1) of this section, employees may also accumulate vacation leave in excess of thirty days as follows:
    1. An employee may accumulate the vacation leave days between the time thirty (30) days is accrued and his/her anniversary date of state employment.
    2. Such accumulated leave shall be used by the anniversary date and at a time convenient to the employing institution/agency. If such leave is not used prior to the employee's anniversary date, such leave shall be automatically extinguished and considered to have never existed.
    3. Such leave credit accumulated shall never, regardless of circumstances, be deferred by the employing institution/agency by filing a statement of necessity described in subsection (1) of this section.

Vacation Leave - Cash Payment.

Bargaining unit members who have completed six (6) continuous months of employment and who separate from service by resignation, layoff, dismissal, retirement or death are entitled to a lump sum cash payment for all unused vacation leave. In the case of voluntary resignation, an employee may be required to provide fourteen (14) calendar days' notice to qualify for such lump sum cash payment. Vacation leave payable under this section shall be computed and paid as prescribed by the Office of Financial Management. No contributions are to be made to the Department of Retirement Systems for lump sum payment of excess vacation leave accumulated nor shall such payment be reported to the Department of Retirement Systems as compensation.

14.4 Vacation and Leave Balances.
Monthly printouts of employees' vacation and other leave balances will continue to be provided until this information is web based.

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