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UW - SEIU1199NW Master Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 12 - Premium Pay

12.1 Shift Premium.
Employees assigned to work the second (3:00 pm – 11:00 pm) shift shall be paid a shift differential in accordance to Appendix III Salary Schedules and Premiums over the hourly contract rates of pay. Employees assigned to work the third shift (11:00 pm – 7:00 am) shall be paid a shift differential in accordance to Appendix III Salary Schedules and Premiums over the regular rate of pay. Employees shall be paid shift differential on second or third shift if the majority of hours are worked during the designated shift.

An employee permanently assigned to second (evening) or third (night) shift will receive the shift premium assigned to that shift. An employee who is temporarily assigned, within the employee's FTE, to another shift with a lower shift rate will receive the higher shift rate if the temporary assignment is not greater than five (5) consecutive working days.

An employee who is on paid leave will receive the shift premium assigned to the employee's permanent schedule.

This section shall have no effect on the Airlift Northwest bargaining unit; current practice shall apply.

12.2 Charge Nurse Pay.
Nurses meeting the definition of Charge Nurse in Article 6.6 shall receive charge nurse pay.

Substitute Lead Pay.
Employees in the Professional/Technical and RT/AT/END bargaining units will receive Substitute Lead Pay when assigned to act in that role.

Weekend Social Worker Coordinator.
Social Workers shall receive Weekend Coordinator Pay when assigned to that role.

All premiums are in Appendix III – Salary Schedules and Premiums.

12.3 Standby Premium.
Off-duty standby assignments shall be determined in advance by supervision. Volunteers will be used for standby assignment when practicable. Standby premiums for employees placed on standby off the hospital premises are in Appendix III – Salary Schedules and Premiums.

12.4 Call Back – From Standby.
Any time actually worked in call back from standby shall be compensated at the rate of time and one-half (1-1/2) the regular rate of the employee concerned and shall be paid in addition to any compensation for standby. When called back, the employee shall receive premium pay for a minimum work period of two and one-half hours (2-1/2).

Call Back – Not From Standby.
When an employee has left the institution grounds and is called to return to work outside of regularly scheduled hours to handle emergency situations which could not be anticipated, he/she shall receive pay for time actually worked. Time worked shall be compensated at time and one-half (1-1/2) and shall be paid for a minimum of two and one half (2 ½) hours. Time worked immediately preceding the regular shift does not constitute call back, provided time worked does not exceed two hours or notice of at least eight hours has been given.

12.5 Temporary Assignment to a Higher Position.
Whenever an employee is temporarily assigned in writing by the Employer to regularly perform the principal duties of a higher level position for a period of five or more scheduled working days within the employee's standard work period as specified in Article 7, Section 2, he/she shall be compensated at a salary which represents a two step increase beyond the employee's current step for such period of assignment. Said increase shall be paid beginning with the first day and to include the days working such assignment. Such assignments must be by mutual agreement.

12.6 Modality Pay – Professional Technical Bargaining Unit (does not apply to Cardiac and Vascular Sonographers)

  1. Modality Pay 1 - For staff actively participating in a new training program for a new modality.
  2. Modality Pay 2 - For staff assigned to conduct examinations/studies in a modality other than that described in the current classification of the position. For two modalities where the employee is scheduled for at least 40% in the second modality, the premium pay will be for all hours worked. Where the employee is scheduled for less than 40% in the second modality, the premium will apply for all hours worked in a shift.
  3. Modality Pay 3 - for staff assigned as a preceptor to other staff.

12.7 Float Pay.
Employees assigned to work outside the department(s) to which they were hired and for which they are part of the departmental staffing plan will receive float pay.

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