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UW - SEIU1199NW Master Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 5 - Union Representative, Dues Deduction, Activities

5.1 Dues Deduction.
The Employer shall provide for payroll deduction of uniform union dues for employees in the bargaining units on the monthly payroll upon written authorization by the individual employee. Recognized payroll deduction authorization cards which are submitted to the Employer's Payroll Office by the 15th day of the month shall become effective as of the first day of the same month.

Employees who move to a position in another bargaining unit represented by the Union will have their Union deduction continued when it is a condition of employment in the new position. When an employee covered by this contract moves to a position that is not covered by this contract, fees deducted on behalf of the Union will cease.

Semi-monthly the Employer's Payroll Office will transmit the total deducted amount of dues money to the Union's office together with a list of current members on dues deduction together with any additions and deletions for that month.

The Union will provide the Employer thirty (30) days advance notice of a change in the amount of dues or fees.

5.2 Staff Representative.
After notifying the appropriate administrator, the Union's authorized staff representatives shall have access to the Employer's premises where employees covered by this Agreement are working, excluding patient care areas, for the purpose of investigating grievances and contract compliance. Such visits shall not interfere with or disturb employees in the performance of their work during working hours and shall not interfere with patient care.

5.3 Union Delegates.
Union delegates are Harborview employees who are members of the bargaining units. The Employer recognizes the right of the Union to designate:

  1. Registered Nurse Bargaining Unit. One Union delegate on each nursing unit with up to thirty (30) permanent bargaining unit nurses and an additional delegate on units with more than thirty (30) nurses. The clinics shall be considered a nursing unit and for their purposes only the Union may designate a minimum of two Union delegates irrespective of the number of permanent nurses assigned.
  2. Professional/Technical Unit. Six (6) delegates.
  3. Health Care Specialist Bargaining Unit. Four (4) delegates.
  4. Social Worker Bargaining Unit. Five (5) delegates.
  5. Respiratory Therapist/Anesthesiology Technician /Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist Unit. Five (5) delegates.

A Union delegate who is a bargaining unit employee and is processing a grievance in accordance with the Grievance Procedure shall be permitted reasonable time to assist in the resolution of recognized employee grievances on the Employer's property without loss of pay or recorded work time. Time off for processing grievances which have been filed shall be granted to a Union delegate by supervision following a request but in consideration of any job responsibilities. If permission for time off cannot be immediately granted, the supervisor will arrange for time off at the earliest possible time thereafter or the Employer and Union representative may provide for a Union delegate outside the area of jurisdiction to assist in the Grievance Process.

The Union shall prevail upon all employees in the bargaining units and especially Union delegates to make a diligent and serious attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. The Employer, likewise, shall prevail upon its supervisory personnel to cooperate fully with the Union delegates and other Union representatives in the speedy resolution of any grievances that may arise.

Delegates will normally process grievances only in their own units.

The Union shall annually submit an up-to-date list to the Office of Labor Relations indicating the names of all Union delegates, their work locations and jurisdiction. The Office of Labor Relations shall be notified of changes as they occur. Union delegates shall not be recognized until the Office of Labor Relations is informed of their appointment.

5.4 Rosters.
On a monthly basis the Employer shall provide to the Union an electronic list of new employees, terminated employees, and employees moving into the bargaining units. The list will include the employee's name, appointing department, home department, job class, FTE status, employment date, mailstop and employee identification number.

On a quarterly basis the Union will be provided with an electronic list of all bargaining unit employees. The list shall include the employee's name, employee identification number, appointing department, home department (unit or base), job class, FTE status, employment date and mail stop.

On a quarterly basis, the Union will be provided a list of the home addresses of bargaining unit employees.

5.5 Contract Distribution.
The Employer will provide all current and new employees with a link to the new Agreement. Each department or unit will maintain a paper copy of the contract accessible to all employees.

5.6 Bulletin Board.
A bulletin board in a prominent location shall be made available and designated for use by the Union for the posting of notices and information pertaining to official business of the Union. Designated space in prominent locations in each work area or in an area accessible to where employees work shall also be made available for use by the Union for the same purpose.

5.7 Union Shop.
The Employer shall notify each employee hired into the bargaining units of the Union shop requirement. The Union shop requirement will be defined as the obligation, beginning no later than the 30th day following the beginning of employment, to become a member of the Union and pay membership dues, pay an agency fee equal to membership dues, pay a representation fee established by the Union in accordance with applicable law, or pay a nonassociation fee (see Appendix II- Nonassociation Fee Process).

Failure by an employee to abide by the aforementioned provision of this Article shall constitute just cause for discharge. The Employer, however, has no duty to act until the Union makes an appropriate written request for discharge and verifies (by forwarding to the Employer a copy of the written notification to the employee) that the employee received written notification from the Union regarding violation of Union shop requirements. Written notification to the employee from the Union shall indicate the amount owing, method of calculation if appropriate, and that non-payment will result in discharge by the Employer.

5.8 Meeting Facilities.
The Union shall be permitted to use designated hospital facilities for meetings of the local unit, with or without Union staff present, provided sufficient advance notice is given to the Employer and space is available on the date requested. Such meetings shall be for professional purposes and shall be held during the employees' own free time.

5.9 Storage Space.
Storage space shall be made available for the use of the local unit.

5.10 Delegate Training.
During each year of this Agreement, the Union may use up to 136 hours of paid release time to participate in delegate training sponsored by the Union accordingly:

Registered Nurses. Eight (8) hours each for six (6) RN

Health Care Specialists. Eight (8) hours each for two (2) HCS

Social Workers. Eight (8) hours each for two (2) members of the Social Worker Unit

Professional/Technical Bargaining Unit. Eight (8) hours each for three (3) members of the Professional/Technical Unit.

Respiratory Therapists/ Anesthesiology Technicians/ Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist. Eight (8) hours each for up to four (4) members.

The Union shall submit to the Office of Labor Relations and affected departments at least four (4) weeks in advance, the names of those delegates who will be eligible for each training course.

Time off for these purposes shall be approved in advance by the employee's supervisor and will be contingent upon the supervisor's ability to provide proper work coverage during the requested time off.

5.11 Voluntary Political Action Fund Deduction.
During the term of this Agreement, the Employer shall deduct the sum specified from the pay of each member of the Union who voluntarily executes a political action contribution wage assignment authorization. When filed with the Employer, the authorization form will be honored in accordance with its terms. The amount deducted and roster of all employees using payroll deduction for voluntary political action contributions will be promptly transmitted to the Union by a separate check payable to its order. Upon issuance and transmission of a check to the Union, the Employer's responsibility shall cease with respect to such deductions. The Union and each employee authorizing the assignment of wages for the payment of voluntary political action contributions hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold the Employer harmless from all claims, demands, suits or other forms of liability that may arise against the Employer for or on account of any deduction made from the wages of such employee.

The parties recognize that the Union is obligated under the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) to reimburse UW for its reasonable cost of administering the COPE check off in the parties' Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Employer and the Union agree that one-quarter of one percent (.25%) of all amounts checked off is a reasonable amount to cover the Employer's costs of administering this check off. Accordingly, the parties agree that the Employer will retain one-quarter of one percent (.25%) of all amounts deducted pursuant to the COPE check off provision in the parties' Collective Bargaining Agreement to reimburse the Employer for its reasonable costs of administering the check off.

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