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Employee Stories

If you're a UW employee who is passionate about your job and willing to let us share your experience with prospective employees via social media, tell us your story.

  • Lorna Hamill

Lorna Hamill, Assistant to Associate Vice President & General Manager for UWTV
Coming to work at the University of Washington was a dream. I started my education at the UW in 1977, but because of life's many obstacles I didn't finish my degree. Once I was hired five years ago, I looked into the UW tuition exemption program, spoke with advisors and my boss, and was able to strategize a plan to complete my goal. In August 2012, I graduated.
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My boss saw the value of my education and with changes in my duties and responsibilities, my job was reclassified. He also registered me in the Certificate in Fundraising Management program (earned June 2013) to enrich my skillsets for work. I now look forward to a career with greater responsibility and involvement, and experience to give back to the UW.

I love my job because the work I do at UWTV is challenging and exciting, and stretches my ability to be resourceful. For example, early in my career at UWTV I planned a conference in New Orleans for 30+ universities and educational institutions. In contrast, I've spent time combing through UW Surplus to furnish our conference rooms with chairs and whiteboards. I work with people who are creative, talented, and are big-picture visionaries (this goes with the territory of working in broadcast television and media). The individuals I work with, including the students I supervise, make all the difference in why I come to work each day—they are people I respect and who respect me. I also have the flexibility to do things outside of work to help the University, including volunteering with the University Combined Fund Drive.

This is definitely more than just a job and I've made certain my time here is well spent. If you haven't finished your degree and want to, you can! If you want to give back to your community, you can! The University possesses many ways to enrich your life and provides options to achieving your personal and professional goals. I feel fortunate to be here, and grateful for the opportunities and experiences the University has to offer.

  • Lorraine Boudreau

Lorraine Boudreau, Payroll Manager for Computer Science and Engineering
I've worked at UW for the last four years. I just changed jobs from being a fiscal specialist to payroll manager. I used to help manage 80 budgets for 15 principal investigators, but now my primary responsibility is to manage graduate payroll from start to finish. As fall approaches, I will meet with all new incoming grads and get them set up for payroll.
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I also serve as our departmental liaison between Payroll, College of Engineering UW HR specialist, and employees of Computer Science and Engineering. Plus, I will advise international students on visa issues. I will also oversee the semi-monthly processing of the department payroll.

I really enjoy working with the staff and being around the grad students, post-docs, and professors. They are a wealth of information and have a great attitude about what they are doing.

I chose to work at UW because I wanted to be part of the rich history here. I also love the architecture and I get to see it daily.

If you want to help shape the future, then work at the UW.

  • Collen Marquist

Collen Marquist, Administrative Specialist for Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO)
I started at UW as a program manager on an EPA-funded air pollution research project in Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS). The project brought together investigators from four departments, WSU, and outside contractors so my learning curve was straight up. I loved the challenge.
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UW provides many learning opportunities to manage grants, work with online systems and software, and to work across disciplines.

Today I work in a research institute funded by NOAA as the assistant to the director as well as coordinator of travel, purchasing, and Wallace Hall. Almost all of our 100 employees work at the NOAA Western Regional Center located at Sand Point, the former Navy Base. They research topics from tsunamis to ocean acidification to ocean-atmosphere interactions (think El Nino) and marine ecosystems. I first learned about JISAO from one of the collaborators on the EPA air pollution grant (Dave Covert). I was smitten, and reviewed job advertisements for years until one came available.

I work in what I consider to be such a dynamic research environment that I smile on the way to work in the morning. I'm thrilled to support scientists working in arduous physical environments to gather data contributing to characterizing climate change impacts.

I chose to work here for the lifelong opportunity to serve learning - both my own and others. I tell people that my father's last words to me every morning as I left for school were "Learn something today." He was a 1954 UW grad. I am often gratified to realize that his words ring true for me every day still.

For those considering working at UW, I'd ask where else would you be exposed to the world and all its myriad avenues of current discovery and investigation? There's no other employer like UW.

  • Barbara Petite

Barbara Petite, Secretary Senior with Libraries-Cataloging & Metadata Services
The summer my mother was in the UW Library School (in the 70s), she brought me to Suzzallo Library. While she used the card catalog to find materials for her assignments, I watched intent, intelligent, kindly-looking people go in and out of a door labeled "Cataloging." I was absolutely intrigued and thought, "That is where I would like to work someday."
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Scroll forward to 2000, when I came for an interview in the Libraries and couldn't believe I was walking through that same door, to a place and people I have treasured ever since. I've been at the UW for over 13 years and I love the structured and precise work environment balanced with the opportunity for creativity, self-expression, and growth.

If someone were considering working at UW, I would say, "Do it!," because of the challenging yet supportive work environment, opportunities for training and development, flexible schedule, and collegiate attitude.

  • AJ Hartman

A.J. Hartman, Communication Specialist for Labor Relations
I've been in this role for ten months – this is my first time working for the University of Washington. My main job function is to communicate to a broad audience regarding what's going on between the UW and the unions that represent many UW employees.
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This ranges from reporting on contract negotiations via online written recaps, to synthesizing key messages and talking points for important labor-related issues across the institution. I also provide behind-the-scenes support for contract negotiations – keeping track of proposals, vetting contract language, and ensuring that collaborative projects keep moving.

My team is small, only six people, and very close-knit. Everyone likes and gets along well with each other. There's never a dull moment with my group!

I chose to work here because the UW has such a positive impact in the community. In my job, I get to work closely with a variety of very smart people all across the University.

Through providing communications and organizational support, I've had the opportunity to help individuals and departments advance their priorities. Along the way, I've learned a lot about how to facilitate working relationships and "manage up" to get results across UW units.

  • Kerri Everly

Kerri Everly, Development Officer & Campaign Manager, UW Combined Fund Drive
I've been at the UW for 15 years. I started at UW Bothell working in Student Affairs. From there I moved to the Counseling Center, where I managed the Education Planning Center, and later worked as a Counseling Services Coordinator. In 2004, I began managing the UW Combined Fund Drive.
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My main responsibilities are to educate the UW community about the many benefits of workplace giving, and raise funds for hundreds of local, national, and global charitable nonprofits. My duties include marketing, communications, donor relations, staff and volunteer management, event planning, and budgeting.

One of the things I love most about my job is the people I get to work with at the UW along with my colleagues in the community. I've also had the opportunity to attend classes, seminars, and workshops to further my professional growth in fundraising.

If someone were considering working for the UW, I would tell them UW is filled with intelligent, compassionate, generous people. Everyone is involved somehow in making a difference, and I'm happy to be a part of that. I get to work on a campus in a beautiful setting and have access to art museums, venues in the UW Tower, and a fitness center. My friend and mentor, a retired director at UW Bothell, first encouraged me to apply, telling me that the UW is a wonderful place to work. I would have to agree!

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