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Distinguished Staff Award

Distinguished Staff Award


The following persons have received the Distinguished Staff Award since the program was established in 1997.








  • Philip Mote, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Oceans (JISAO)'s Climate Impacts Group
  • Robin Bennett, Medical Genetics Clinic
  • Hendrik Simons, Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics
  • Sue Park, Custodial Services
  • Mona Pitre-Collins, Center for Experiential Learning


  • Marne Faber, Burn and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Harborview Medical Center
  • Deborah Flores, Engineering
  • Elaine Franks, Psychology
  • Pamela Robenolt, Student-Athlete Academic Services
  • Cynthia St. Clair, Music


  • Mary Ellen Anderson, Program Coordinator, Division of Art History, School of Art
  • Alysun Deckert, Clinical Dietician, Food and Nutrition Department, UW Medical Center
  • Kathryn Leonard, Conservation Supervisor, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries
  • Gary N. Pedersen, Administrator, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences & Department of Chemistry
  • English in the Workplace Team
    • Karen Long, Director, Financial Services
    • Alison Stevens, Director, Program Development, International Outreach Programs, Educational Outreach


  • Michael Biggins, Slavic & Eastern European Librarian
  • Jason Boyd, Academic Counselor Lead, Undergraduate Advising
  • Cynthia Fester, Secretary Lead, School of Law
  • Sterling Luke, Mason/Plasterer, Physical Plant
  • Douglas Machle, Assistant to the Chair, Classics


  • Se Suk Aprille, Custodian, Facilities Services
  • Jackie Matthews, Sign Language Interpreter Coordinator, Disability Services Office
  • Stacey McCandlish, Social Worker, UWMC Social Work
  • Michael Verchot, Director, Business and Economic Development Program, School of Business
  • Alan Weldin, Scene Shop Manager, School of Drama.


  • James A. Gladden, Technical Services Manager, Department of Chemistry
  • Jennifer M. Mas, SPARX Program, School of Medicine
  • Laurel Sercombe, Archivist, Ethnomusicology
  • David E. Snyder, Media Technician Senior, UW Bothell
  • Team Award: Suzzallo Library Renovation Project
    • Betty Jo Kane, Manager, Facilities Operations, UW Libraries
    • Paula M. Walker, Assistant Director, UW Libraries


  • Gary Ausman, Director, International Services Office
  • Felicia Hecker, Associate Director, Middle East Center, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts and Rare Books Curator, University Libraries
  • Keith Ward, Copy Center Lead, UW Tacoma
  • Team Award: Facilities Services
    • Brian Davis, Irrigation Specialist, Grounds
    • James Boecksteigel, Maintenance Mechanic, Grounds


  • Rosana Augustztiny, Assistant Director, Burke Museum
  • Pedro Borrayo-Alatorre, Custodian, Custodial Services
  • David Duggins, Marine Technologist, Friday Harbor Labs
  • Sinh Simmons, Manager, Grant and Contract Services
  • Susanna Westen, Program Coordinator, Slavic Languages and Literature


  • Cynthia Fugate, Librarian and Director, Academic Services, Bothell Library
  • David Hurley, Senior Computer Specialist, Biology
  • Laura Robinson, Program Coordinator, Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Kellus Stone, Administrator, Industrial Engineering
  • Mahmoud Zubeidi, Duplicating Services Supervisor, Publications Services


  • Tom Burritt, Research Engineer, Nuclear Physics
  • Lynn Catlett, Administrative Assistant, College of Forest Resources
  • Mary Martin, Custodian, Custodial Services
  • LeRoy Olson, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Applied Physics Lab
  • Carol Robbins, Research Technologist, Neurological Surgery


  • Cindy C. Farell, Patient Services Coordinator, Pediatrics Clinic, UWMC Roosevelt
  • Scott D. Mah, Manager, Telecommunications Services
  • Brenda K. Montgomery, Program Coordinator, Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Kristen C. Spexarth, Gardener, Physical Plant Grounds
  • Thomas Wade, Maintenance and Repair Supervisor, Dentistry


  • Genevieve Barney, Office Assistant, Purchasing
  • Carrie M. Cone, Secretary Senior, CINTAFOR, College of Forest Resources
  • Craig P. Staude, Computer Specialist, Friday Harbor Laboratories
  • Geraldine Williams, Office Support Supervisor, Department of Psychology
  • Team Award: Center for Human Development & Disability Experimental Education Unit
  • Jennifer Annable, Principal, Experimental Education Unit
  • Cecile Lindquist, Admissions and Community Liaison Coordinator, Experimental Education Unit