Distinguished Staff Awards 2015 Nominees

Individual Nominations

  • Christopher Adams, Building Coordinator, Molecular Engineering & Sciences
  • Derk Adams, Application Developer, Quality Improvement/HMC
  • Genevieve Anderson, Patient Services Specialist, Medical Specialties
  • Clifford Astley, Research Consultant, Washington National Primate Research Center
  • Ross Braine, Tribal Liaison, Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity
  • Darren Branum, Emergency Preparedness Manager, Administration and Planning
  • Debbie Carnes, Director of Financial and Research Services, Evans School of Public Affairs
  • Arien Cherones, IT Director, Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
  • Carolyn Chow, Director of Admissions and Multicultural Student Affairs, School of Nursing/Student Academic Affairs
  • Daniel Dembiczak, Administrator, Chemical Engineering
  • Stacey Doran, CSS Admissions Advisor, DISC-352U/Division of Enrollment Management
  • Debra Dwyer, Manager - Departmental Computing, Procurement Services
  • Jim Earnshaw, Senior Computer Specialist, Chemistry
  • Charles Easterberg, Public Health Advisor, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Rosamond Edison, Academic Advisor, Construction Management
  • Emily Edmiston, Program Administrator, UW in the High Schools
  • Jeremy Eknoian, Operations Manager, UW Real Estate
  • Matthew Erickson, Director of Academic Services, History
  • Lydecia Evans, Program Operations Specialist, Surgery
  • Penny Evans, Program Operations Specialist, Department of Pharmacy
  • Douglas Ewing, Botany Greenhouse Manager, Biology
  • Kathryn Folk-Way, Associate Director, Creative Communications
  • Gina Gould, Academic Counselor Lead, Philosophy
  • Michael Foy, Research Scientist/Engineer, School of Oceanography
  • Joan Hanson, Program Operations Specialist/Clinic Manager, UW Speech & Hearing Clinic/Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Millissa Hare, Recruitment Coordinator, School of Social Work
  • Lynn Hogan, Senior Advisor, UW Medicine Advancement
  • Rita Johnson, Administrator, School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • Melody Kadenko, Program Director, CSE
  • Jeanine Kanov, Department Administrator, Medicinal Chemistry/School of Pharmacy
  • Jonathan Keib, Broadcast Technician II, UWEO/PCE Online Learning EDGE Program
  • Kelvin Keown, English Language Consultant, Teaching and Learning Center, UW Tacoma
  • Michael Khbeis, Associate Director, Washington Nanofabrication Facility, Electrical Engineering / College of Engineering
  • Amanda Koppelman, Event & Information Services Supervisor, HUB Event & Information Services
  • Irawati Lam, Registered Nurse, Dept of Radiation Oncology
  • Ben Mauk, Real Estate Manager, UW Tacoma/Finance & Administration/Campus Planning & Real Estate
  • Sara Mohamed, Clinic Manager, Surgical Specialties UW Medical Center
  • Kathryn Mork, Program Support Supervisor, Department of English
  • Angela Mullen, Fiscal Specialist II, Department of Chemistry
  • Megan Nordlund, MS, RD, Nutrition
  • Bridget Norquist, Academic counselor, English & Comparative Literature
  • Emma O'Neill-Myers, Assistant Director for Employer Relations, Career Center
  • Dvorah Oppenheimer, Financial Administrator, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Charlon Palacay, User Experience Designer, 4518/UW-IT/ACA
  • Margarita Perrin, Clinical Placement Coordinator, Adult/Gerontology Primary Care NP Track
  • David Peterson, Engineering Technician 3, CENPA - Physics
  • Jill Pfaendtner, Assistant Director of Operations, Clean Energy Institute
  • Catherine Provost, Graduate Adviser, Physics Department
  • Susanne Recordon, Graduate Program Assistant, Political Science
  • Katelyn Savoie, Payroll Manager, Facilities Services
  • Elaine Shelley, Grants Coordinator, Human Centered Design & Engineering
  • Laurel Spaulding, Manager, Dining Hall, Friday Harbor Laboratories
  • Jolie-Ann Tahara, Manager, Transportation services
  • Perry Tapper, Public Records Compliance Officer, Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings
  • Sabrina Tatta, Academic Counselor/Lecturer, French and Italian Studies
  • Sara Torres, HUB Technology Specialist, Husky Union Building (The HUB)
  • Michael Van Horn, Instructional Technician II, Photomedia Program, School of Art + Art History + Design
  • Stephen Weber, Access Services Supervisor, Odegaard Undergraduate Library
  • Amanda Weidner, Planning Analyst II, Family Medicine Residency Network, Department of Family Medicine
  • Christina Wong, Academic Advisor, CSS Division/School of STEM/Bothell
  • Stephanie Yoshino, Clinical Prosthetist-Orthotist, HMC Prosthetics Orthotics Clinic

Team Nominations

ASUWB Advisors, Student Affairs

  • Andrea Ramirez, Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • Kelly Snyder, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations
  • George Theo, Dean of Student Affairs

Department of Biology Grants Management Team, Department of Biology

  • Karen Bergeron, Grants and Contracts Manager
  • Rebecca Johnson, Fiscal Specialist 2
  • Hayato Kosai, Budget/Fiscal Analyst
  • Julia Ying, Fiscal Specialist 2

Department of Student Engagement and Activities, Division of Student Affairs

  • Sam Al-Khoury, Program Manager of Student Engagement and Activities
  • Andrea Ramirez, Director of Student Engagement and Activities
  • Leah Shelton, Program Manager of Student Engagement and Activities

Financial Reporting, Financial Reporting

  • Dave Beaulieu, Senior Accounting Analyst
  • Robert Bradshaw, Manager
  • Katy Kagan, Financial Accountant
  • Keegan McFalls, Financial Analyst
  • Sarah Moore, Financial Accountant
  • Dan Schaaf, Director

Medical Centers Human Resource Consultants, Medical Centers Human Resources Employee Relations

  • Nola Balch, HR Consultant
  • Lynn Diaz, HR Consultant
  • Becky Hammontree, HR Consultant
  • Ana Marie Keeney, HR Consultant
  • Lynn Klainer, HR Consultant
  • Kathy Schell, HR Consultant
  • Patty Van Velsir, HR Consultant

Office of Student Services, School of Social Work

  • Kelly Hoeft, Academic Advisor
  • Linda Murdock, Director of Student Services
  • Linda Ruffer, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Nancy Tran, Program Assistant

Payroll Team, Payroll

  • Randy Abaya, Fiscal Specialist 2
  • Farida Ablang, Manager
  • Cheryl Manekia, Supervisor
  • Christa Jensen, Fiscal Specialist 2
  • Carrie Lewis, Financial Data Analyst
  • Jessica Ness, Fiscal Specialist
  • Heather Norberg Stewart, Compliance Advisor

Payroll Leadership Team, Payroll

  • Cindy Gregovich, Director, Associate Controller
  • Ginny Montgomery, Payroll Lead, HR/Payroll Modernization
  • Julia Shanahan, Associate Director

Pelvis Team, OR Ortho

  • Jan Dequit, RN
  • Tom Olson, Surgical Tech

Structural Heart Services Clinic Team, Regional Heart Center - University of Washington Medical Center

  • Kornelija Newton, Patient Care Coordinator
  • Rose Nguyen, Program Operations Administrator
  • Katie Olsen, RN
  • Emily Pickett, Patient Care Coordinator

Violence Prevention and Response Program (SafeCampus), Violence Prevention and Response Program / UW Human Resources

  • David Girts, Manager
  • Gillian Wickwire, Response Specialist