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Human Resources Contacts
Marketing, Communications, & Engagement

Marketing, Communications, and Engagement
Roosevelt Commons West, 1st Floor
Box 354960
4300 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98195-4960

Phone: 206-685-1794
Fax: 206-616-1081

Kimberly Mishra Executive Director, Marketing, Communications, and Engagement 206-685-3845
Quinn Brown Writer and Visual Producer 206-543-7104
Catherine Broxon Marketing and Communications Assistant 206-221-2187
Kathy Burge Technical Writer 206-221-7213
Chiara Iacoviello Marketing and Event Consultant 206-221-5935
Jeanie Lindsay Marketing and Communications Assistant 206-685-1794
Jessica Mar Web Designer / Developer 206-543-6913
Ryan Petersen Technical Writer 206-221-6302
Steven Speicher Front End Developer 206-616-8863
Thomas Winston Thorpe Assistant Director and Web Manager 206-221-6997
Lauren Updyke Assistant Director, The Whole U 206-221-3450
Chloe Yeo Marketing and Communications Assistant 206-616-1393