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University of Washington Children's Centers

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Three Children's Centers at the University of Washington's Seattle campus serve faculty, staff, and students by providing year-round, on-site infant, toddler, and preschool childcare.

The Children's Center at West Campus serves primarily UW faculty and staff. The Children's Centers at Radford Court and Laurel Village serve students, faculty and staff at the UW, yet give priority to UW students in family housing.

The UW Children's Center at Harborview Medical Center primarily serves those located at Harborview Medical Center, but is available to all UW faculty, staff, and students, and has its own waitlist and enrollment policies.


The philosophy of the UW Children's Centers is based on Maria Montessori's principles for early childhood education. We believe that children learn best in a warm, nurturing, well-organized environment supportive of their individual needs. Your child is encouraged to explore a wide variety of age-appropriate, hands-on activities at his or her own pace. Our teachers are sensitive and respectful of each child's individuality, and encourage each child to develop a joyful confidence with which to explore our constantly changing world.

Parents are welcome to visit at any time and are encouraged to participate. We believe a relationship of mutual respect and support between parents and teachers promotes a positive environment for children.


The centers operate 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday year-round with the exception of University of Washington holidays, three in-service training days, and one-week closures at the end of August and December. Closure dates are posted annually in September.

The centers serve children from ages six weeks to five years old, with the following adult-child ratio:


West Campus - Two healthy snacks are available each day to toddlers and preschoolers. Parents provide lunches, formula, infant food, and special dietary needs. Optional hot lunch services are available for an additional cost.

Radford Court & Laurel Village - Two healthy snacks and a hot lunch are available each day to toddlers and preschoolers. Parents provide formula, infant food, and special dietary needs.

Monthly Tuition

Laurel Village and Radford Court

  Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Infant $1475 $1550 $1810
Toddler $1287 $1329 $1607
Preschool $1147 $1162 $1377

West Campus

  Proposed Tuition
Infant $1765
Toddler $1573
Preschool $1300

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is an option for UW faculty and staff with children enrolled at University of Washington Children's centers at Harborview Medical Center, West Campus, or Radford Court. Please complete the Payroll Deduction form.


Waitlist Procedure

All childcare centers are fully enrolled. We encourage you to add your name to the waitlist early as the demand for childcare is high and enrollment spaces are always limited. Please understand that placing your name on the waitlist does not guarantee that a space will be available when you need it.

To add your name to the childcare waitlist follow these steps:

When your waitlist application and fee are received, you are placed in the waitlist queue depending upon your enrollment priority and the date on which your application was received. Enrollment priority is as specified in the UW Onsite Childcare Center Enrollment Policy. We move children on the waitlist from one age group to the next based on their birth dates. Infants move to the toddler waitlist at 16 months of age and toddlers move to the preschool waitlist at 30 months of age.

Waitlist Updates

Annually, Haggard Nelson Childcare Resources emails those on the childcare waitlist to request contact information verification. Failure to respond to this request may result in removal from the waitlist. If your waitlist information changes between the annual update requests, please contact Haggard Nelson Childcare Resources to update your record. If your waitlist information is out-of-date, and the center can't reach you, an available enrollment will be offered to another parent.

Please direct all inquiries concerning your waitlist status to The on-site childcare directors do not have access to the waitlists or waitlist applications.


Moving from the waitlist to enrollment is based on enrollment priority, your child's age, your preferred start date, and your scheduling preference. When a childcare enrollment space opens the center contacts parents in enrollment priority and waitlist order until the space is filled. A parent who is offered a space three times and declines it or does not respond is removed from the waitlist.


Haggard Nelson Childcare ResourcesThe Children's centers are operated by Haggard Nelson Childcare Resources.

Group visits at each center are scheduled monthly. If interested, please contact the center of your choice. Also note that prior to enrollment individual tours will be offered.

The Children's Center at West Campus
University of Washington
Box 355650
3904 Cowlitz Road
Seattle, WA 98195-5650

The Children's Center at Radford Court
6311 65th Avenue NE, Suite 4300
Seattle, WA 98115

The Children's Center at Laurel Village
4200 Mary Gates Memorial Drive NE
Seattle, WA 98105