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Returning-to-Work Retiree Benefits

Health, Life, and LTD Benefits

UWRP Retiree Reemployed in Any Position

Because of the 40% full-time equivalent (FTE) limitation on post-retirement employment, as a UW Retirement Plan (UWRP) retiree you cannot become re-eligible for benefits offered in your new position through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB). This includes the medical, dental, life, and long term disability (LTD). However, you retain PEBB retiree benefits from your pre-retirement work.

DRS Retiree Reemployed in Any Position

If you are a reemployed Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) retiree, you may participate in PEBB faculty/staff benefits if your new position meets PEBB employee medical, dental, life, and LTD eligibility rules. Note that if you exceed the reemployment limits for the DRS plan from which you retired, your pension may be temporarily suspended. In a benefits-eligible position, you may temporarily waive participation in the PEBB retiree health plan.

Social Security

If you are receiving Social Security payments, there may be a limit to what you can earn through active employment and still retain your full Social Security income. It is your responsibility to understand and keep track of potential income limitations. Please review the Social Security Administration’s website at:

Leave Accrual

If you are employed in a position that is eligible to accrue leave, normal policies apply based on the job class and any prior state service.

Annual leave (vacation)

If applicable, your annual leave balances were paid out at the time of your original retirement. In post-retirement employment, annual leave is accrued based on normal policies, with the accrual rate equal to that of your pre-retirement accrual rate.

If you have an annual leave balance when your UW employment terminates again, your annual leave balance will again be paid out, subject to normal vacation cash-out limitations.

Sick leave

If applicable, your sick leave balance was paid out at the time of your original retirement, based on the normal sick leave cash-out rules. In post-retirement employment, sick leave is accrued based on normal policies.

If you contact the Benefits Office at the time you terminate your UW employment again, any sick leave balance at that time will be paid into your existing VEBA account. You are responsible for contacting Benefits to request such a retirement and cash-out.