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Programs and Services

University of Washington Retirement Association

All UW retirees and active employees are invited to join the UW Retirement Association.

Retiree ID Cards

The UW retiree card is the UW identification card needed for UW retiree privileges. It replaces the UW employee card. Only one UW retiree card is available per household.

Your retiree ID card provides you and your family access to a range of privileges including:

New Card Issue for Newly-Retired Employees

The UW Benefits Office authorizes retiree cards as part of the retirement process. As a newly-retired employee, you will receive a written notice from the UW Benefits Office with instructions on how and where to get your retiree photo ID card. Please bring your UW Employee Identification (EID) number and U.S. state- or federally-issued photo identification with you (such as a driver's license or passport) to one of several Husky Card Account & ID Centers.

Replacing Lost or Damaged ID Cards

Replace your lost or damaged retiree ID card at a Husky Card Account & ID Center. Prior to coming to campus, be sure to call the Husky ID Center at 206-543-7222 to confirm that your name is on record as being authorized to receive a UW Retiree Card. If your name is not on the list, contact the UW Benefits Office to obtain authorization for a retiree card. The cost to replace lost cards is $20.

New Card Issue to a Surviving Spouse/QDP

Spouses or Qualified Domestic Partners of deceased UW retirees may continue receiving UW retiree privileges. If you are a surviving spouse or partner, please contact the UW Benefits Office to request authorization to receive a card in your name. The Benefits Office will send you a written notice with a new ID number, which you can take with you to get a new photo ID card from one of the Husky Card Account & ID Centers.

Working After Retirement

Post-retirement employment limitations are defined by the plan from which you retired. If you are considering returning to work after retirement, review the Return-to -Work Retiree Overview and look at the information for the plan from which you retired.

Access Program for Older Adults

The University waives tuition for Washington residents sixty years or older who wish to attend classes as auditing students. Learn more at the Office of the Registrar.

Retiree Insurance Topics