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Preparing to Retire
Retiring Under LEOFF 2 Rules


Under LEOFF 2, you are eligible to retire from active UW service with full retiree rights and privileges at:


  1. Contact the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) within six (6) months of your projected last day of work to request an estimate of your retirement benefit and the LEOFF Retirement Income Election forms. Complete and return these forms to DRS.
  2. If you are planning to retire at age 65 or greater and you wish to enroll in the PEBB Retiree Medical Insurance benefit including Medicare Parts A & B, contact the Social Security Office. We recommend doing this three (3) months prior to your projected last day of work.
  3. Attend a UW Retirement Workshop.
  4. Notify your supervisor, department chairman, or dean of your intention to retire.
  5. Request a UW Retirement Application by contacting the UW Benefits Office and providing your Employee ID number and projected last day of work.
  6. Complete the UW Retirement Application and the VEBA Enrollment Form (non-Faculty) and return these documents to the UW Benefits Office.
  7. Complete the retiree medical/dental insurance forms and return these to the Washington State Health Care Authority within 30-60 days of your retirement date.
  8. If you want to continue life insurance after separating from the UW, check out life insurance portability or conversion at Life Insurance Continuation.


Considering a return to work after retirement? Returning to work after retirement requires a minimum of one full calendar month break in service after retirement, and may require up to 90 days. There are no exceptions. In addition there are restrictions on post-retirement employment. Failure to understand and track post-retirement employment limits can result in the retiree’s loss of pension. Learn more about post-retirement employment rules for State of Washington retirees (including UW employees).