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Accessing Funds When Separating from UW Employment

Upon separating from all employment at the UW, be sure to consider all of your retirement and savings plan contributions. Keep your contact information updated with your plan(s) to ensure you continue to receive important information including quarterly or annual statements. Each retirement plan has its own rules and regulations about what happens to your account, but in all cases you are free to leave your contributions and earnings where they are if you wish. For information about withdrawing funds when leaving UW employment or how to roll your retirement into another tax-protected account such as an IRA, choose the appropriate link below to learn more.

Basic Retirement Plans:

Optional Retirement Plans:

Voluntary Investment Program (VIP)
To stop your VIP contributions, either log into Employee Self-Service (then choose the "Retirement & Savings" tab) or go directly to and log into your account.

Washington State Deferred Compensation Program (WSDCP)
To stop your WSDCP contributions, call Customer Service at 1-888-327-5596.